which cab to Tri210L ???

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  1. what do you suggest to add to Thunderfunk and Tri210L ? 1x15" or some 12" ? any experience ? El Whappo is too expensive for me.
  2. hmm, hard choice. I am in same situation. I want to add a cab to my 2x10. But I think I will go 1x15 but I am not sure
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    I would recommend either a second Tri 210L, or a Whappo, Jr. I use the Jr. with the 210L, and it is a great combo. Huge wall of phat, thick, yet articulate sound.

    Now, I have also used a Tri 110 with my 210L (both of them stacked on their side), and the sound is quite different. Very punchy, and even growly (I attribute this to the 110 - it's growly in a good way, I think, but it is somewhat unique in this regard for an Accugroove cab). Some others have tried a Tri 112L on top (again, both cabs on their side would probably look the best), and I have no doubt that this would be a great combo.