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which cabs should i get

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by lewibassist, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. hiya i just bought a warwick profet IV and i havnt quite got enough money to buy the cabs yet but i havnt decided on what to get i want a 4x10 and a 1x15 i live in the uk,ive been looking at SWR but there isnt many dealers out where i come from.i also looked at getting the warwick 4x10 and a warwick 1x15 but im not sure on what they sound like.what cabs do u think i should get.
    peace lewi
  2. Lewi,

    What amp are you using/considering, and what type of stuff do you play? A 4 x 10 with a 1 x 15 will give you the full range of sounds from deep lows to tinkleing highs. You can get any sound you want from a set up such as this. Its not the cab that colours your sound, it's the EQ you dial in via your amp & guitar. You obviously have no budget concerns if you are considering SWR, which is great gear. You can pick up some cheap but still good Trace Elliot cabs at the moment, I have used a Trace set up of 4 x 10 x 1 x 15 in the past with no problems. EBS do a 4 x `10 cab & a range of 1 x 15 cabs but they are expensive. Check out mail order companies such as Coda Music or Flying Pig or Academy of Sound. ( All advertise in UK Music mags). Your best bet really is to get to a decent dealership, take your amp & guitar & try all the different makes of cab, and let your ears tell you which one you prefer. You live in the UK, you can't be that far from a major town with a decent music shop. You are the only one who can decide what is best for you!