which computer based interface?

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  1. Speedbird

    Speedbird Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2000
    Northern Virginia
    I'm looking for a reasonably priced computer based recording set-up. Any suggestions, Looking for 4-8 inputs, modest mixing ability, software, something that just plugs in but dosn't sound like crap.

  2. Saint


    Mar 2, 2000
    DC - USA
    Here's a suggestion (assuming you already have a pentium-based computer with many gigs of hard-disc space available):

    Echo Darla 24 card/interface
    Mackie 1202 VLZ PRO mixer

    I see you live outside DC, so, if you are interested, I would highly recommend checking out Chuck Levin's in Wheaton for both. Probably set you back just over $600.00.
    You could also go for an older, used Mackie 1202 Micro for about $200.00 on E-bay or at Atomic Music (if they have them).

    Another option is the Tascam US428 combination digital mixer & DA/AD converter that hooks into your computer's USB port. It comes with Cubase, I believe. The only problem is that this new product reportedly has many bugs and people have experienced some problems with it. I think it goes for just under $500.00.

    An even cheaper option is to purchase the Mackie, use your existing soundcard and get PG Music's PowerTracks 48-track recording program for $28.00. Although it is not a program that is an "industry standard" it offers a ton of editing and soundshaping capability for next to nothing. I think it's probably by far the best bargain out there for home recording.

    Hope this helps.

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