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Which Drop D Tuner?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by DanHB18, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. DanHB18


    May 4, 2010
    Hey guys, I'm looking to put a Hipshot Drop D tuner on my bass. It's a Squier Jaguar HB. Can anybody at least steer me in the direction of which tuner I need. Thanks:bassist:
  2. Steveaux

    Steveaux Safe-Guardian of the Stoopid Supporting Member

    Jul 1, 2008
    The Wilds of NW Pa.
    Probably the BT-7.

    Call the nice folks at Hipshot. They are as helpful and friendly as any you'll find.
  3. Ric5

    Ric5 Supporting Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Why not tune D standard. DGCF?
  4. DanHB18


    May 4, 2010
    It's unnecessary. I only tune down in 2 songs in our set. Plus, IMO, playing an A on the second fret (bcos of down tune) sounds different than as an open string.
  5. That ain't just your opinion. I'd call hipshot.
  6. Basso54


    Jul 22, 2003
    Dalhart, TX
  7. coedvette


    Dec 7, 2009
  8. Basso54


    Jul 22, 2003
    Dalhart, TX
    I'm just relaying what Bill over at Hipshot sent to me. Per a Hipshot rep, there is no application for direct fit on Indonesian made Fender/Squire products yet, if you look at the photos, it's easy to see where I had to clearance the A-string tuner. You then fill/re-drill for the Hipshot and wham-o, detuner installed.
  9. DanHB18


    May 4, 2010
    Hmmm didn't really want to have to do any mods, was hoping for a direct fit. :meh: Does any other brand maybe do drop d's?
  10. Don't "fret" about the mod it is very easy, you need to drill a hole or two for the mounting screw that's all.

    Highly recommend calling Bill at Hipshot and discuss the install process. They are very helpful and can give you specific details on installing one on your bass.
  11. DanHB18


    May 4, 2010
    What about the moving of the A peg? I thought somebody mentioned that above. Any tips on knowing where to place the new screws? Thanks for all your help guys!!

  12. On some basses the tuner for the A string may need a little filing to provide clearance, not all basses need that.

    Filling the old holes is not always necessary as they are sometimes covered by the d-tuner.

    The install instructions are good. Disassemble the tuner and hold the base plate in position and mark where the screw holes need to be, drill them and you are ready to install the tuner. Bill can and will give you the details. Have fun it's a cool product. They are on three of my basses and I installed all three myself. Easy.
  13. pacojas

    pacojas "FYYA BUN"

    Oct 11, 2009
    man-up! :cool:

    it only takes a few seconds to D-tune manually.
  14. If you change tunings on stage during performance you need one. No way you can tune as fast as this tool works once set-up correctly.
  15. DanHB18


    May 4, 2010
    Haha thank you!:smug: And last question (I think :D) Will any drilling have to be done for the tuner shaft to fit in the hole? I'm guessing most likely not, but I have seen it happen. #badexperienceswithdrillsandtuningpegs

    Once again, thanks.
  16. In most cases no.

    You should measure your tuner shaft size before calling Bill as that is a common question he asks when determining which model to recommend for a specific bass...
  17. For professional reasons when on stage I must tune as quickly as possible even though I am capable of tuning by reference without an electronic tuner. Tools that reduce time taken during performance are worth it to me. Now we never wait for me to tune it is the guitarist who is fiddling with the pegs before and after a drop D song.

    They work so well they truly are a bass extender. I can flip to low D mid song and flip back seamlessly. That can not be replicated manually.

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