Which first jazz bass under $1000????

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by afroman, May 16, 2004.

  1. afroman


    Aug 31, 2000
    Brooklyn, NY
    Here are my choices:

    1. Geddy Lee jazz
    2. Lakland Darryl Jones
    3. Fender MIJ 75RI jazz (I "discovered" this particular model last week, browsing TB forums. I found a picture of a beautiful white jazz, w. rosewood fretboard and abalone block inlays and loved it, are they still made or sold anywhere asise from ebay??????)

    The Geddy seems to be a good and affordable choice but I don't like that it can only be had in black and maple fretboard. But the reviews have been very positive on the GL. I wont be able to try any of those bassses before buying cause here in PR no store carries Lakland nor that specific Fender models. I just want a solid good jazz bass and I love the block inlays on these basses. I own a Stingray5, Skyline 55-01, and Epi T-bird.

    I love my Lakland and that's why I know that the DJ will be a great bass, but it's also $1000+. And on the other hand I've always wanted a Fender jazz. I just want to know your opinions about any or all of these three basses. I play mainly rock and I like tight and punchy low-mids with smooth highs.

    Any help is welcome,
    Thanks in advance...
  2. I've tried them all. I realize that the Daryl Jones is more expensive than the Fenders, but it's also better. Much better. So that's what I think you should get. However, from the sound you say you are looking for, it seems like a precision bass might be the best choice? I don't know. You'll definitely love the Daryl Jones if you get it, though.
  3. Corwin81


    Mar 18, 2003
    Ames, IA
    save a bit more and get a Valenti. They look sweet and built by a fellow TBer
  4. i haveto agree with jazzrounder, the lakaland is absolutely amazing!!
  5. g4string

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    Sep 19, 2002
    Melissa, TX
  6. TaySte_2000


    Jun 23, 2001
    Manchester, UK
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    +1 for Valenti
  7. Planet Boulder

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    Nov 10, 2001
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    +2 for Valenti
  8. +3

    You can look at one of his Jazzes on the main basses page.
    Asolutely Beautiful. Truly a work of art. Rock on Nino!
  9. afroman


    Aug 31, 2000
    Brooklyn, NY
    I really was leaning toward the Lakland. I know it's more expensive but being an 55-01 Skyline owner, I know the quality they give for the $$$.
    I gonna probably buy a pre/power amp setup pretty soon and I'll get back to the jazz bass in a while.

    I just wanted to get your impresssions on which would be better. I saw a Valenti bass here in TB and it was beatiful, but I'd like to get a more known brand, not taking anything away from the those Valentis.

    Thanks for all the opinions and advice.
    Turn up the bass.