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    Jan 27, 2001
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    I just started looking in this forum....


    This stuff hurts my head...

    Ok, I know little about pick-ups. Well, I know all your basic information, but I don't know what would end up sounding best for me. So here's how I play.

    Punch. Everybody wants punch

    I want even-ness, to the best extent possible, across the frequency range.

    I will NEED something that will compliment a Moses Graphite neck.

    I like hifi, but warm/vintage is needed for some situations.

    I play mainly in metal bands(....ugh, I like it, but I want a side band of something different, it's all I can find) so I need aggressive.

    You can hear some clips of our songs below. The bass wasn't raised enough in the recordings....and I've been out-voted when it comes to raising the level.

    I'm mainly looking for J's. But I also use a soapbar in my Schecter, so any recommendations for something compatible with it would also be welcome.

    Lemme know if you need any more info

    .....I spend too much time in AMPS apparently.... :ninja:
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    Aug 13, 2005
    many people favor a Bucker + J configuration. i know i want to experiment with that one day :)

    you can put in a soap instead of the bucker in the bridge position.

    I believe if you are looking into the Hi-Fi field, actives might be your thing. Duncan and EMG are famous makers of those. try looking into the new generation pickups that are made of neodymium magnets. they are mighty aggressive and powerful.
    as for Vintage, you have endless possibilities starting from Bartolini, DiMarzio, Duncan, Nordstrand etc etc etc.

    tons of options out there. no one can nail a specific sound except you and your bass. take your bass to a guitar tech and have him install pickups for you to try.