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Which Garbos?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by thejumpcat, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. thejumpcat

    thejumpcat thejumpcat

    Sep 30, 2007
    Need your advice, TBers.

    I have a 1950s German ply that is currently being worked on. My repairman is suggesting Spirocore Weichs, which are great, but I'm thinking Velvets.

    I had a set of Animas years ago. Truly fine sounding... almost TOO complex for the jump blues I play. I switched to Lenzner guts, but the E string was useless.

    After much research, I'm leaning towards Garbos, but I'm not sure which set: the gut G; regulars; or lights.

    I play a GK400RB through an LDS 1x15. I usually use an Underwood, although I'm looking at getting a Fonokraft pickup. The band is four-piece: bass, drums, guitar and harp/vocals. Loud, most of the time.

    I don't do a ton of slapping; here and there, but mainly walking lines. I like a good thump.

  2. tyb507

    tyb507 Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2004
    Burlington, Vermont
    I think regulars will server you well. Also, you might check out Evah Pirazzi Weich, or think about keeping the Lenzners on top and finding a used Garbo A+E to try out. I have a Lenzner G, Dlugolecki D, Oliv A and Garbo E on my gigging bass now, and I like the sound and feel across all the strings. I didn't like the round-wounds Lenzner E+A.