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Which Hi Powered combo for Dub/Funk?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JohnP, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. JohnP


    Jun 9, 2001
    Endorsing Artist: Rick Turner Guitars, DTAR, Seymour Duncan,
    I need to find a high powered combo amp to use live. My search for a powered sub to supplement my B-18 has turned up zilch. Ashdown discontinued their sub/the EBS is unavailable, and I didn't like the Mackie 1500.

    I have used a sansamp for years, my straight signal goes to the mains through it. I run a minimum of efx on the parallel out, and need to find a combo that will allow me to hear myself onstage with a loud drummer. I cannot at this point count on real PA's with sidefills, otherwise, i'd take the B-18. I use 4 string basses, and I am used to tube pre's for the effected signal.

    I have done a lot of searches here and on the FDP and dudepit..there seems to be a lot of "i tried it in the music store" reviews..but I need Real World opinions from working bass players.

    I have used Redheads over the last 8 years, but the sound is too modern/hifi. didn't like PV's/Fenders or Carvins either..they did not give up a real round low end. I am interested in opinions on Metros/Ashdowns-and please keep in mind..this is for dub and funk(old school, non slapping, James Brown Bernard Odum/Michael Henderson Flatwound P bass funk) with a lot of info in the 40-120 hz range, which I need to hear and feel.
  2. Both of the combos you mention as possibilities are excellent choices for your needs. I've spent time with both personally, and they each get that big fat sound you're looking for, unlike the SWR Redheads. The trick is to choose the right one for yourself. The Metro is very powerful (~400 watts w/internal speakers, 600 watts w/4 ohm ext. cab), has 2 independant footswitchable channels, semi parametric EQ on one channel, and a very DEEEP sound if you're looking for it. The Ashdown (I'm thinking ABM-500-210) is nearly as powerful but lacks the second channel, which it makes up for by having a built-in octave divider and a very flexible EQ section.

    My choice personally would be the Metro, but you should try to play through both (preferably at the same time in the same place with the same bass ;) ) before making a choice. If you happen to be in the central FL area, I know the perfect place to do that....heh....Bass Central (I work there part time...). We usually have both in stock. In any event call BC (800-545-8831), if you've got any questions.

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