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Which is better? Peavey or Ashdowns?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Hinatalky, May 11, 2005.

  1. Hinatalky


    May 7, 2005
    I would like to thank everyone for their advice and suggestions :) really glad to have found a great website like TalkBass :D i'm now in a dilema regarding which amp to buy... i m currently considering Ashdown's Electric Blue Series as well as Peavey's Pro series :meh: Which would be a better bass amp? Or are there better brands? The specs i m looking for in a bass amp could produce warm and rounded tones, at 75~100 watts and at a good price (kinda low on budget :p ) Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated ;) Thanks again :)
  2. Ashdown.

    I had the EB 150 112. The English made (150s have been superceded by Chinese made 180s)

    great tone and projection
    light weight and easy to carry
    nice preamp and DI
    Good looks

    Nice midrange bark character with overall warmth. Cuts through and is gigable. I still see that amp as my friend gigs with it and lines out into the house with the DI in a 6 pc rock band.
  3. LarryO


    Apr 4, 2004
    The amp that best suits your requirements is the better amp. Some amps are more sought out for their tone, cost, portability, features.....etc....You just have to decide what you want out of an amp.
  4. A friend of mine had an ashdown one, it was 150 watts (i think), 15inch blue speaker, and tbh, it sounded horrible, peavey TNT kicked it all over the place in comparison
  5. tifa

    tifa Padawan Bassist

    Mar 8, 2005
    Blackburn, UK
    Sorry to barge in on this thread :)

    this is the exact amp I want, and its exactly what I wanted to hear! I've heard very good things. Ok for a beginner though?

    just glad it got a thumbs up.

    ok, sorry Hinatalky!
  6. Your friend just flat out sucks. The amp is just one link in the chain and my guess is that one of the other variables is the culprit.
  7. Steve S

    Steve S

    Jul 26, 2000
    I didn't like the sound of mine either..
  8. + another 1 for the Ashdown. Great gear, great tone, great value.

    What more can you ask for? ;)
  9. Tedintheshed

    Tedintheshed Banned

    Oct 8, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    While your own personal preference for tone is a huge factor, I would say Ashdown is by far better than Peavey. I worked for a Peavey dealer- sliders easily broke off of boards, pots would wear out easily or get scratchy. Jacks would also pop off because they weren't secured well enough. Besides their cabinetry, the were built shoddy. Historically, they have been very liberal with their ratings in speakers and output wattage. I've just seem too many things go wrong with them for me to like them, and my first two rigs were made by them.

    Besides, I don't like the low end mud they produce (again, that is a personal preference- if you like mud then by all means get one).

    Now, my experince with Ashdowns are limited, but what I have played were nice.

  10. Well, it is tough to find good, warm sounding combos in that price range. Not everyone has access to high end combos like the Aguilar, Euphonic Audio, Epifani, E.B.S., Hevos, Edens or Peavey TNT.
  11. Joe Beets

    Joe Beets Guest

    Nov 21, 2004
    An amp that doesn't crap out if it gets beer spilled all over it.
    An amp that can survive a ten foot fall off the back of a stage.
    An amp that you can loan out to a moron and when it comes back it still works. :eyebrow:
  12. princeadr


    Apr 29, 2005
    I was in the market for an amp recently as well. I looked at both Ashdown and Peavey. I talked to repair people as well. Repairmen were very complimentary about Peavey and their reliability. I have had a couple of Peavey guitar amps and they have held up very well over the years so I would be very skeptical about criticism about Peavey's not being well built. I would say that they are actually known for being very well built and reliable. I think I have seen some info on the web about the reliability of Ashdowns though. I think you should look at both and decide which sounds better to you. I believe most Peavey equipment has a five year warranty but I'm not sure about Ashdown. I recently chose a Peavey head to go with a separate cabinet (Avatar) but I did look at Ashdown as well. I just felt more comfortable with the Peavey choice from a durability and reliability standpoint. I did not notice significant differences in the sound quality.
  13. This is true, and no, i used my bass and cables on it, spent about an hour playing with it trying to get an at least useable sound, never came tho :eyebrow:
    Ive heard good things about some ashdown things, but i recon its just the cheaper one, or that one, that sucks

    You just know your talking about a peavey :smug:
  14. I have owned and played both brands over the years. Peavey gets a bad rap for some items, but I think it is often because they make some relatively inexpensive amps that people buy in their late teens and then when they can afford to spend more money they decide that Peavey is below their status. Some of their models are music industry standards. For instance probably 70% of steel guitarists have used Peavey amps for the past 30 years. And the Classic 30 guitar amp is indeed a classic. One seemingly universal characteristic of Peavey amps is that they are heavy for their design, wattage and speaker array. I have had excellent experience with their reliability, as have most people I have known. For example, I gigged with a Special 130 1x12 guitar amp for 20 years and it never let me down. Having said all that, I don't like their bass amps, other than the Micro Bass and the BAM 2x10. But that is just me, I've seen some very good bass players who use Peavey amps.

    I presently have two British made Ashdowns: a Peacemaker 40 1x12 guitar amp and a Mag 200 1x15 bass amp. I love the tone, the tone shaping abilities and the relatively light weight of both amps. The VU meters are cool looking, but the one on the guitar amp went out a week after purchase and it took a couple months for my tech buddy to get the parts to fix it. A few weeks ago the meter on my bass amp went out and I have decided not to bother with fixing it. I don't need it and none of my other amps have ever had one. I have also had some other reliability issues with the guitar amp, although nothing else with the bass amp. I have decided that they are not as reliable as Peaveys, but I still love the tone and weight. I don't know anything about the Chinese made Electric Blue series, but a friend has one of the older English ones and his experience is similar to mine with my Mag 200.

    Overall, I prefer the Ashdown bass amps for their tone, greater tone shaping capabilities and lighter weight. If I were 30 years younger, I would be very tempted by the Peavey BAM 2x10.
  15. Ashdown heads are awesome, but I would definately not get one of their combos (or cabs for that matter). I think the cabs just plain sound bad, and I heard about some reliability issues with the combos. However, Peavey isn't my favorite either. Some Fender combos are pretty awesome though.
  16. princeadr


    Apr 29, 2005
    If you are committed to getting a combo I would give a serious look at Yorkville if you can find them. Probably the XS200 is comparable in power to the others you are looking at. Not sure about the price though, but I'm guessing in the $400-500 range. I was fairly impressed with the xs400.
  17. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Depends on which Peavey and which Ashdown.

    Peavey is legendary for their reliability. As in 'Don't buy a Peavey, they last forever!':smug:

    The British Ashdown stuff has a good reputation, but the repair guys that I know see a higher percentage of those come back than Peaveys.

    The Chinese Ashdown stuff has an even higher return/repair rate.

    The sound is also pretty different. You should probably check out both and see if one sounds better to you.
  18. andruca


    Mar 31, 2004
    Madrid (Spain)
    Get a GOOD Peavey! Ashdowns are QUIET and FART like hell!

    1 Peavey watt = 1/2 Ashdown watt

  19. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    Ok.. Heres what i've found from experience and word of mouth.

    Top/Good Ashdown's, ie. Evo's = Great amps. Loud, reliable, great tone etc.
    Ashdown Lower models = I've heard lots of reliability issues, from both the interet and shops/people I know. I also didn't prefer the tone as much.

    Peavey = Altough the tone doesn't appeal to me much, these things are as tough as nails. Even the TNT combo's survive big bashing's.

    Anything I might as well mention. What's this amp going to be used for? If you want to gig, especially loudly, 75-100 watts isn't going to get you very far usually. It'd be a bit of a waste stretching your money now to get an amp, then in the future finding it won't cut it for you volume/sound wise.

    If it's just bedroom/small practices you might want to even look at something small and portable but loud enough for little practices/jams and put the money you saved towards a bigger amp in future.
    I don't know your financial/musical situation, but I sure know I wish I did this instead of buying an average rig (especially in volume) then struggling to find the funds to upgrade again.
  20. Joe Nerve

    Joe Nerve Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2000
    New York City
    Endorsing artist: Musicman basses
    I'm also in the market for a good combo, and I gotta say - I've become flat out phobic of buying anything. I think my best bet at this point is to say a good prayer, and buy what ever "feels" right.

    I have a Peavey now for 27 years that has been completely reliable. It's lived in the trunk of my car for 10 of those years in NYC - so believe me, it's gotten it's butt kicked bigtime - kinda like the old timex commercials. It finally seems to be in it's final days.

    I'd consider buying another Peavey - but I hear they don't make em the same, plus they're backbreakers. OK. So I think Ashdown which I generally hear really good stuff about. But then I remember when I played a gig with a brand new backline and an ashdown amp that went completely dead after the 2nd song. I had to go through the PA. A freak thing? Perhaps? But my experience none the less. Move over to Yorkvilles... ahhh... now here's something that looks great... but I read some reviews that say none of the combos can keep up with a drummer without really pushing them to distortion.

    I settle in my head on one of the new Fender 250s (which by the way can't be bought anywhere even though they're advertised like crazy) thinking 250 watts, and eminence 15 inch speaker, lots of tonal options - it CAN'T suck... but then I remember thinking about a 200 watt, 1X15 Carvin I bought about 5 years ago that rattled and distorted on 3, hardly enough volume to even piss off the neighbors. It went back to Carvin within 15 minutes.

    I think it's hit or miss, the luck of the draw, what you're used to previously, and about 50 other things that's gonna make someone happy or not. It's really rough trusting reviews also because you don't know if the person reviewing it is a newbie upgrading from a 40 watt combo - in which case it's "THIS IS THE LOUDEST MOST AMAZING COMBO I EVER HEARD!!!!, or a 30 yr. vet who's played through $2000 rigs all their lives saying THIS IS THE WORST PEICE OF CRAP I EVER HEARD!.

    I'm just going to make sure that whatever I buy, I can return after I gig with it.

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