Which Lovely Jubley Rig????

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Si-bob, May 19, 2002.

  1. Warwick Pro Fet IV + 4x10 + 1x15 = £1100 ish

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  2. Trace Elliot AH 300 + 4x10 + 1x15 = £1100 ish

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  3. Ashdown ABM 300 2x10 Combo + 1x15 = £1200 ish

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  4. Ampeg SVT 350H + SVT 4x10 HLF = £1400 ish

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  1. Hey People
    as some of you may know i was gonna buy an ashdown rig a few weeks ago.......but then i went to a couple more shops and tried the rigs above.
    i'd like to know what people think of each of them.
    2moro i'm taking my bass to try with them all!
    I want something that is gonna last me a LONG time !...the Ampeg is gorgeous, but is only 4 oms, so i can't add to it!


  2. Ok, tried them all 2day with my bass (what a trek around the shops :D :oops: )
    i'v kinda ranked them as follows
    3 - Warwick : No character, nice, but nothing special
    2- Ashdown and Trace Elliot : What a surprise :) both nice but again, nothing really super special for the price.
    1-Ampeg : Unfortunatly this is the nicest one out the lot, i say unfortunalty because its the most expensive! :)....loadsa character, loadsa sound, punch, versatility.
    I reckon it'll be mine really soon :)

  3. Johnny BoomBoom

    Johnny BoomBoom Supporting Member

    Jun 8, 2001
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Being a huge Trace Elliot fan you presented me with a dilema!!! I have (8 months) ago a rather juicy Trace Elliot rig - see profile!!!

    However, due to the closure of their manufacturing facility I feel a little out on a limb as far as backup goes!

    I've never had a problem, just the uncertainty of TE future bothers me now. However. I have also recently bought an Ashdown EB15 (the older version) and am now very fond of their amps. I voted Ashdown above, as I am convinced that in a few years when I get GAS for a new rig, it'll be Ashdown I'll be going to!

    Plus, I seem to remember they're based in Colchester - backup would be pretty good you would think!
  4. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I voted Ashdown.
    But you prefer the Ampeg rig to the Ashdown try the ABM300 head with the 410HLF. Thats a great combination. The Ashdown is much louder too.
  5. Jock
    i found the ampeg to be a lot louder than the ashdown setup i tried! maybe it was just the different places i played them.

    I did like the ashdown, and yes they're only down the road from me but wen theres only a diffrerence of £200 between the ampeg and the ashdown, i'd prefer to pay a little extra for the ampegs sound...very characteristic!.

    i think the shop with the ampeg in is getting a second hand ashdown rig in soon, so i may well be trying the ashdown head with the ampeg cab!

    cheers all

  6. PICK


    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    i would get the ampeg. Find an 8 ohm cab you like then you can have 2!! I also dont think you would need a 15 with the 410hlf!
  7. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    As I said I prefer the Ashdown but its your ears that should decide. Just keep in mind that its impossible to get a more uncolored sound out of the Ampeg if you should want that. But the Ashdown can do both hifi and vintage-fat. You can always put a Sans Amp Bass driver in front of it to get a more Ampegish sound. Just a thought.
    I have had very bad luck with Ampegs reliability (and sound) in the past thats why I don´t like them. Both my SVT3-pro and SVT2 died on me.:mad: