Which micro amps go down to 2 ohm

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  1. I have a Eden WT 550. I know that the Boogie Subway goes to 2 ohms but it seems like it is a more vintage sounding amp.I like the sound of my EBS HD 350 best and it can handle 2 ohms but is not powerful enough for some situations.Which is why it is only my spare amp.
    I looked at the Reidmar 750 but... 4 ohms only.
    So who makes a really modern transparent sounding micro amp stable at 2 ohms?
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  3. Carvin BX500
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    I don't know if you would consider it micro, and it doesn't say that it goes to 2 Ohms on the back but, The Walkabout is famous for doing 2 Ohms "all night long".
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    Most if not all current BX series. Not sure on the 250 watt model. 500 as mentioned. Nothing wrong with the 500, but the BX700 has more features for a few more pesos, depending on the current sale prices. 1500/1600 2 ohms, no switch. Look at the specs and manuals on the BX500 and up and decide what works for you.

    BX Series Bass Amplifiers
  6. I hadn't even thought of Carvin. But the 700 looks like it might be a really nice amp. Carvin basses have really become great instruments and I can imagine the amps are also high quality. Does anybody here have one? How does the 700 compare to my Eden WT 550. Would I just be making a lateral move? Like I mentioned earlier, I would like a preamp with lots of transparency and a sweet( not harsh) high end. Set flat my WT 550 is pretty dark sounding compared to my EBS HD350. I want the power of the WT 550 with the clarity of the EBS.I play Latin and contemporary Jazz on a 5 string J bass. I need punch for the latin and the slapping and clarity for solos in the higher ranges. How is the reliability of the BX700?
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    The Bergantino B|Amp does 2 ohms.
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    Acoustic image will go down to 2 ohms.
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    I've got the BX1600, quite a few BX owners about TB and some own the B series. The BX is very transparent, and flat as you like, with tons of eq available to unflatten it, plus mid scoup and compression. 20 to 20KHz frequency response and you can boost the treble enough to make a tweeter poke your eye out if you want to. You can set the tone for style with the semi-parametric eq., then set the graphic eq to tweak the para eq to another style, and then turn the graphic on and off with a foot switch or front panel switch. They are about as flexible as can be. I think the 700 is the sweet spot for the most bang for the buck. The 1500/1600 offer a bit more eq and two channels of about the same power as the 700 with biamp and bridging available if you want monster watts. IDK the Eden, but I know people like 'em. What would be your goal in replacing the Eden?
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    Don't forget about the Carvin B1000. That will be my micro when I purchase one. I currently own it's big brother (B2000) and it's a monster. I also have a pre/power set-up using a DCML2000. Never had any issues with any Carvin prodect.

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  11. The thing about the Eden is: I get close to the sound I like, but never perfectly. It is kind of dark and wooly to begin with, which I can EQ out, but I'm always fiddling with the knobs. I like the Marcus Miller J bass sound and with my EBS amp I get it easily and I end up not touching the amp all night. But the EBS doesn't have enough power. I even thought of getting a separate power amp for the EBS but I don't like to drag around that much stuff. So the BX700 sounds really appealing. I don't just do the Marcus thing, I play Latin, Pop, Straight Ahead Jazz but all my basses are active 4 and 5 string J basses. So that sound is in my head.
    Seems like the BX 7000 is cheap enough I can take a chance on it. But I just did the same thing with a Markbass LM II and that did not work out. It's honky sounding with a harsh top end. Sounds good with my P bass but not with the Js.I bought it because Richard Bone plays them and I like him.But I'll be selling that one. I want to be a little less quick on the trigger this time and ask some questions first.
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    All Euphonic Audio (EA) heads are two-ohm stable and very transparent. What kind of power are you looking for at 2 ohms?
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  13. The B 1000 has a high EQ point of only 6K.So it's a bit more in the Boogie Subway old school category
  14. I have two Avatar SB112 4 ohm cabs ( don't always take both cabs) so around 700 watts into 2 ohms would do
  15. I just checked their website and they don't list 2 ohms.
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    well, someone almost said Mesa Subway D800, but not quite..... so, the Mesa D800 is micro that is stable to 2 ohms :thumbsup:
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    TecAmp Puma 1,000 is sorta. It has two separate power amp sections which can do 4 ohm each. You could run two 4 ohm cabs, but not one 2 ohm cab, as I understand it.
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    The new version of the Doubler is rated at 625 watts @ 2ohms, which is close. It's not out yet, but Gollihur is taking orders:
    Euphonic Audio Doubler Mark II Bass Amplifier at Gollihur Music - Double Bass, Upright Bass, String Bass Specialists
    Otherwise the old iAmp 800 is rated at 1000 watts @ 2 ohms, and the iAmp Pro does 1200 watts into 2 ohms. Neither of them are available new right now, as far as I know, but there are a few of the iAmp 800s for sale in the classifieds. First generation class D, but with conventional power supply, which means around 28 lbs rather than under ten. I have never heard one, but they are said to have a really nice bottom end, and they have more tone shaping possibilities than most heads.
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    It's in the manuals, which you can download from the site. Possible exceptions: the old IAMP 350 and the IAMP 200, but I bet if you asked John, he'd tell you those are safe @ 2 ohms as well.
    *edit: SAFE at 2 ohms was what I meant to say.
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    I had a BX500 for a while, which I mostly used as a backup, but the former owner wanted to trade something rare for it that I kind of wanted back, so we did that. IME the BX500 held it's own with a GK 1001RB-II surprising well in a side by side comparison. It would definitely do bright and tight quite well, and I preferred it in at least some ways to my HD350, all in all. I'd be sure to buy new, and make sure you understand Carvin's warranty and service policies.
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