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Which modeling is superior...Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live or Zoom B2,B2.1u?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BrentSimons, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I used to have a Bass Pod Live but sold it due to my amp/monitoring system at the time. I was having a hard time reproducing what I was hearing through my headphones. I've been reading many of the posts about the Zoom B2,B2.1u and it seems to be very popular. I haven't had a chance to try one out. The thing is I have a bunch of gift certificates at Musicians Friend and they don't carry Zoom for some reason and the price on the Bass Pod Live has dropped. Not sure what to do. I have several basses that could benefit from different amp sims. Sometimes my 51 P bass just doesn't sound quite right going through my GK rig, ya know? Your opinions please..
  2. I have both and as far as the modeling goes, I think the POD is certainly better. You have more options also, and the editing is far easier - especially if you hook it up to a computer. That said, I don't use either of them any longer because I have gotten out of my "modeling" phase I was in and I'm concentrating more on just getting one or two sounds from my rig.

    Interested in a used model of either , pm me.
  3. gregoire1


    Oct 19, 2008
    I have the zoom b2 and love it! I also have a line 6 studio 110 amp. The models included with the amp are better and i assume they are a version of the ones with the pod, but I wouldn't part with either.
  4. wildhorse


    Mar 15, 2009

    Zoom is owned by Sam Ash just as Samson is. So you can't buy it at GC.

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