Which Neo Speaker Should I Choose?

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  1. I know i've asked before, but I'm really ready to jump into building my own cab. I've researched and read a ton. I want neos even though they're more expensive. I just want to build a lighter cab for myself that can handle a low E easily. Even though the fs of a speaker may be at 54Hz or so (which is what I believe the deltalite IIs are rated at?), how easily can the box be tuned down to handle say 40ish? Anyway. I just want a simple 4x10 that will handle a low E well and be able to handle my VR or AD200! I've looked into eminence deltalite IIs, the new celestion bn10-300x, and the eminence basslites. I'd prefer 10s. Any other suggestions? Which do you think would suit my needs best?
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    May 8, 2006
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    I only know the Deltalites, but they are great for even a five-string in a 4x10 cab. many great companies use them..
    basslites are known of less power handling and way less high mids.
    my (not-DIY :)) 2x10 neo is tuned relatively high, I calculated it about 65 Hz (??), but it sounds deeper than some 4x10...
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    Apr 8, 2006
    I spent a lot of time comparing the basslites, and came to the conclusion that the 12 is the way to go (based on comparing the Emminence reference designs - rather than designing my own enclosures). I built the sealed 1x12 from the emminence design sheet, and it works nice as a top. I'm seriosuly temped by the "med vented" 1x12 design as a bottom end.

    the 1x15" is 4ohm though which is kind of handy, but doesn't put out a lot more bottom end than the ported 12.
  4. Good info so far! Anyone else have anything to add? Any experience with any celestions?
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