Which one of these rigs would be better for a two piece (bassist+drummer) band?

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  1. Rig 1: Gallien Krueger 700RB-II head and Hartke 410XL cab
    Rig 2: Ampeg PF500 head and PF115HE cab

    I use Spector basses, and use a Zoom B3 modeling a Proco Rat, EBS Multicomp, and Sansamp BDDI. I like a midrangey tone with very clear cleans and creamy distortion.
  2. The music is very post-rock and drone metal influenced
  3. FWIW: Well, I like G-K, but personally I'm not really a big fan of Hartke cabinets - so, I'd probably go with rig #2.

  4. Ive just heard that if I'm gonna go solid state, I should avoid Ampeg because they really shine with their tube gear but not so much the SS stuff. Maybe GK through a GK or Ampeg cab?
  5. I think rig 1 would definitely be the better fit for the tonal goals you described without a doubt.

    I have a PF 500 and it is a not as 'clean' sounding as the GK head IMO. Also...I think a 4x10 would better fit your tonal goals than a thumpy sounding 1x15.
  6. Thundar

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    I would rock that GK/Hartke rig with a big ol' smile...there is NOTHING wrong with that Hartke cab...Pros used them for years....don't drink all the TB Kool-aid just cause someone pours it for ya ;)
  7. Sartori

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    In that case, both.
  8. Lots of people like Hartke cabs, they're just not my thing - and a G-K through a G-K or Ampeg cab would be nice, however, there's really nothing wrong/bad about the SS Ampeg amps either (but personally I like G-K amps).