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Which P-bass roughly equates to the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz as "good deals" go?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Flux Jetson, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I'm pretty impressed with the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz in natural finish. It seems to be one of those really good deals. Nice bass for $300-odd bucks.

    So now, I'm also looking for a Precision bass if roughly the same caliber. Same kinda money spent, and same general good impression.

    I Dirnt signature seems nice. I like the small headstock and the 50's pickguard coupled with the later pickup design (the 2x2).

    I'd jump on a Dirnt but I read one or two slams about overall quality. Were those flukes?

    I was fortunate to play the VM Jazz at a local shop, which was what set the hook. They have a few MIM Ps and MIAs, but they're out of my price range.

    So is there a particular model of P that I might take a look at that is as impressive as the VM Jazz in the same price range ($300 bucks or so)? How about that Dirnt? I'm into rock, progressive rock, fusion, and Pink Floyd-type oddness. I kinda like the wider neck of the P so that isn't an issue.

  2. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    The Squire Vintage Modified Precision?
  3. bumperbass

    bumperbass Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2012
    Used MIM.
  4. Logic would dictate that, wouldn't it.

    I just didn't know if it was done as well as the SVM-J - sometimes things like that don't always "line up" as obviously as one would think. Hence the question.
  5. Yea ... that's a thought. I had an MIM-P about 9 years ago. Good bass, sorry I sold it. Black one. I put a black pickguard with a red stripe middle lamination on it, 1/4 Pounder pickup, BadAss bridge, black knobs. It was pretty sick.

    Hmmm .. I'll have to make a note on that one.
  6. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    I think when it comes to stuff like that, you can find a real gem or dud within any of the models. If possible, just try them out before purchasing.

    Personally, I've liked the Classic Vibe stuff a little better than the VM stuff. But it is a little more expensive.
  7. I just picked up a great(near mint) precision lyte with hardshell case, MIJ
    for $425. I have seen them in the $350 range also.
    Its a great player, I would look into them.

    Attached Files:

  8. I think you're right about getting hands-on time if possible. Especially with Fender/Squier stuff.

    I was considering buying on-line, but since you've reminded me about getting my hands on them first I think I'll just wait to see what my local place brings in and wait until "that one" to shows up - whatever that might end up being.


    I'm just looking for the P sound to add to my rig. There isn't a J pickup that does a solid P sound is there? Or is there?

    S'pose I could rout the J to fit a P pickup in it, get a new pickguard that accepts a P pickup. Hmmm ....

    It's too danged hot to be thinking with any kind of accuracy right now. It's nearly 120f here. And no matter how low you turn the AC down to you can still feel that heat soaking in to your bones. Especially the skull!

    :) pant pant ....
  9. That's fargin gorgeous! I'd need a pickguard though. I'll most definitely be using a pick with a P. But still, that's one beautiful Precision Bass.

    What is a "Lyte" all about?
  10. jim777

    jim777 Tarantula Lobbyist

    Aug 7, 2006
    South Jersey
    A used Peavey Fury bass will get you where you want to go for that ballpark of price. USA made too, if that matters to you.
  11. Thanks! I'll take a look.
  12. I have an '08 Sonic Blue Classic Vibe Precision BassĀ® '60s and can't say enough good things about it. Even the hyper critical drummer in my band loves it. Honestly it is the best split pup P bass I've ever had and I've been through quite a few starting with a Sunburst & rosewood 64 I owned back in '66 thru '69. Like all Squiers you need to play before you buy. I played one at the local GC that had a horribly bowed neck with enough fret sprout that it would have required a new neck to be usable. However the one I bought is perfect in every way. :hyper: The only thing I've done to the bass since buying it is add a set of strap locks. Flash photo tends to make bass look lighter than it really is. Other options to check out are the Vintage Modified Precision Bass or the Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s (if the single coil hum isn't an issue with you). I've played a couple Drint Squiers, they were a little heavy and I didn't care for the original "signature" star graphic treatment, the overall quality was good.
  13. JavierFarias


    Feb 9, 2011
    I've heard lots of compliments of the Squier Matt Freeman. It's like a Classic vibe P with maple fretboard, maybe you should give it a look.

  14. spiritbass

    spiritbass Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2004
    Ashland, MO
    +3 on the Squier CV 60's precision. Sounds good, feels good - nothing not to like. I sold it to fund a medium scale precision. Life is short and I get curious about gear! ;)
  15. Well if this guy will ever get around to paying me for some parts he bought from me I can look in to some of these options. Don't click on "buy it now" unless you can PAY for it now! Geez, some people's children!
  16. Trust me, the VM P I got (with the transparent amber and maple board) is as excellent a bass as the VM J I also got earlier. Sadly, that particular color combo is OOP, although some online stores still have a few in stock at a discount, but the white/rosewood model is still available. On my part, highly recommended.

  17. The lyte was a made in Japan model, mine is a 95. They are active with a smaller body, jazz neck, matching headstock, 2 band eq, and a single coil jazz pickup in the bridge position, they weight around 9 pounds. Very light bass with no neck dive.
    They also made a deluxe version with a 3 band eq and a humbucker in the bridge position.
  18. I may jump on one. They're still around, I didn't know they went out of production though. I certainly like my VM-J!
  19. mattattack187

    mattattack187 Bass Enthusiast Supporting Member

    Feb 2, 2012
    Ellsworth, ME
    I'm always late to these posts. I can second this.

    I did a trade for the Freeman Squier without having played one previously. I've never been satisfied with a Bass right out of the box until I played this one. It's still my favorite Bass to play, even over my Schecter Diamond P Custom 5 that I payed almost double for. Try it out, you won't regret it!
  20. Yes, they were removed from Fender's website a couple of months ago. As of right now, Musician's Friend still has them listed at $255, if you don't mind getting it online.

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