which P pickup has that low mid scoop?

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  1. so the LB100 I have is too high in the mids for me when I use a pick I was backing off the bass a 1/3rd which is great but i can't always think of that,,, its too bright! I was thinking a Lollar Pickup after hearing a Nash but what else would have that +bass +treb -mid EQ Smiley Face sound..

    a couple people said its the empress body making it so bright but with an electric bass i don't believe that is the only reason..

    need help.
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    Oct 22, 2013
    You literally can always think of that.
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    Precision basses have a mid bump. You want a scoop, you want a J.
  4. Bass Growler

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    You can try the Duncan spb 3. It's great for pick playing.
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  5. flat response, no color, handwound Aeros.
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    Indeed it is, but an SPB-1 has more of a scooped EQ going on, too. Choose your output, really. If you like a little bit of gain, the SPB-3 is my choice. If you do clean stuff, too, go with the SPB-1.
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    Perhaps different cabinets? I use Aguilar GS112s which are a bit scooped by nature. I think they help neutralize the honk of my P Basses. Just a thought...
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    The Spb3 isn't as scooped as many people say, it has a giant bump in the lows and low mids and it's loud, but it still has that mid-heavy P tone going on. It's a heavy and weighty tone, I have them in 2 basses and I'm not a scoop fan. I agree with the comment above about needing a Jazz for the scoop, or even adding a J pickup to the P will work.
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  9. when I say scooped I mean down on the mids just a little bit,,, I have a few P basses and this G&L sounds like its strung with stainless lights when it has med nickels ,, you can just keep plugging in different basses and when you get to this one its like wow turn the treb knob down half way.. a local guitar guy says there is a trick to put a capacitor on the input jack I'm going to try tomorrow.
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    I think that the pickups you may want are like the SPB-1 or the Antiquity

    Hot P-Bass
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    There are a couple of items that might cause a LB-100 to sound brighter than a Fender Precision bass, which are often overlooked.

    1. The treble bleed cap on the volume pot.
    2. The tone circuit uses a .022uf cap instead of a .047uf cap.

    Both of these components allow more higher frequencies to pass to the output jack.

    I swapped out the stock pickup and electronics in my LB-100 and tried several pickups with a standard Precision wire harness.

    Two Pickups I've tested that produce the tone you mentioned include the Nordstrand NP4 and the Fender Custom Shop 62. The David Allen 1088 precision pickup is another good choice, but it's tone has more mid frequency response than the Nordstrand and the Fender pickups. It may not be what you're looking for.

    You might also try a different string. G&L basses typically ship out with D'Addario XL nickel or pro steel strings. Both strings are fairly balanced. Although the pro steels are a little more mid scooped than the XL nickel. I suggest trying a set of DR hi beams.

    Hopefully what I've written helps you with solving your bass's bright tone.
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