Which Pedaltrain for this board?

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  1. Hi guys!
    My idea for a pedalboard is coming into fruition now, but I don't know which size to get! I'm stuck between the Junior and the Mini hoping for the end product to consist of:
    I can fit the power supply under the board, and I'm going to use the Markbass supply for the compressore, but I don't know if it can all fit on a mini, as opposed to a junior due to the Compressore's unwieldy size. After browsing the pedaltrain threads, I'm still unsure. What do you think? Thanks for the help!
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    If you don't already own the EBS Octabass it might be a good idea to consider something with top mount jacks like the Aguilar Octamizer. You'll be able to butt it right up against the MB Comp and save a good bit of space.

    Get the Polytune Mini no matter what you decide to do. You'll be happy for it's smaller size if you ever try to cram more stuff onto an already cramped board.
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    Go ahead and get a P3, trust me, it's not gonna stop at those five pedals.
  4. Michedelic

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    If you're wanting to minimize pedal size, also check into the Mooer Baby Tuner or the Hotone Skyline. Both work very well.
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    It'll be really tight if you go for the Mini but I think you could do it. If you really really want a small board the Mini should be fine, but if it were me I'd get the Jr just in case. Plus you'll have room to expand if you want to add modulation or something later on.
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    Make a pedalboard sized rectangle using tape on a table or on the floor, cut out pedal sized pieces of paper and try if they fit. Remember to leave room between the pedals for patch cables and power cables.
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  7. I just changed boards from a Mini to a Junior. On the most recent iteration of my Mini, I had:

    Diamond Comp
    TC Corona Mini
    ss/bs TAFM
    ss/bs Mini
    W&C Phat Phuk B
    TC Polytune Mini

    All that fit fine. Tight, but fine. Before I had the Mini, its spot was taken by an Aguilar Octamizer. It was actually the arrival of the Mini (and a couple of other pedals en route) that made me have to upgrade.

    I'll upload a pic if I can, but my guess would be that you'll be fine...although I don't think the power supply will fit underneath the Mini, whereas it will go underneath the Junior.

    Also, go to the PedalTrain site and try out their planner, see how that turns out.
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    Yes. Do that. Make one for each board that you're interested in. And trust everyone who is telling you that this won't be your final pedalboard...I would get the Junior at least and get your PS out of the way. Don't overlook larger models. You want to stay compact and so you order the smallest possible board...and then regret it within days. We've all been through this several times. :facepalm:
  9. Here it is. I'm powering it with a OneSpot. image.jpg