Which pickup would be better for this tone?

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  1. Ok, I'm going to get an SX P-bass soon, and I'm looking into getting it a Seymour Duncan pickup to replace the stock one. I've narrowed it down to the SBP-2 or the Quarter Pounder. What I'm looking for is high output, with fat lows, punchy mids and clear highs. I don't know which will give me this tone better, since I have only tried out the Quarter Pounder is a Mark Hoppus P-Bass.
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    Jan 16, 2003
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    Quarter Pounder is a great choice. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden uses on on his signature bass. I also own an SX P bass, and once I put the QP on it, it was awesome. Lots of bass and low mids. Highs are there, but not razor sharp highs, just nice highs. The word I would use to describe the sound is aggressive. I use flatwounds on my bass, so you may get different results. Works great for many styles of music.
  3. aggeresive is really what I am looking for, since I maybe using this for all the hard rock and metal stuff, when my Jazz just doesn't cut through. Thanks for the input! :)
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    Quarter pounder would be an excellent choice. I know of many players that pull their Fender pups and put in quarter pounders. It is a great pickup.

    BTW, I buy my Duncan pickups from Black Rose Customs. I don't know if it is just his policy or a Duncan policy, but if you don't like the pup, you can swap it for another one of their pups if you return it within some number of days.