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  1. Which of these pickups will give my Pbass more growl and better mids?

    1. Bartolini 8S
    2. Bartolin CPB
    3. DiMarzio Model P
    4. Basslines SPB(1-3)

    I want to replace my active EMGs with something passive, and a bit more "vintage" to suit my tube amps.
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    Feb 20, 2005
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    Howzabout a set of Lindy Fralins?

    I have a set of his '1963' Jazz's in my fretless, and they sound great. Just the thing for a vintage fix, and he'll under/over wind and adjust to what you'd like to hear from your P-bass
  3. I use an all tube silver-face Fender Bassman 50 at little gigs and my P-Bass clone with a Fender "Original '62" pickup sounds amazing through it. Of your choices, I am familiar with the Duncan and the DiMarzio and both would work well for you (I prefer the Duncan) as would my pickup or a Lindy Fralin.