Which pups ?

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  1. I recently got an Aria 2 Pro Magna bass cheap secondhand, 4 string, P/J setup, just because im bored and want a bass to mod up

    Im thinking about getting some SD 1/4 pounders to replace the P pickup, but am unsure what to get for the J

    I was looking at the jazz 1/4 pounder, but it isnt stacked, so im wondering how annoying the hum could get, i was also looking at thier hot stack and classic stack, i think they hot stack would give more of a growly/aggressive/biting tone

    Any opinions/other suggestions?
  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    had a hot p hotstack combo and it was pretty decent but scooped and not very versatile - but appealing useable tone nevertheless. !/4 pounders don't know about. Stacked J's typically yield a thicker humbucker-like tone, but not necessarily. However the classic stacks I had pretty much nailed the Fender vintage single J tone - not easy to pull off cause even few single J's will do that. Lot of variables involved in growl so hard to say there.

    Off the cuff, sounds like Model J territory to me.