Which replacement blend pot for Cort Rithimic?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Mark Meredith, Feb 15, 2022.

  1. Mark Meredith

    Mark Meredith

    Feb 15, 2022
    Mine's gone AWOL, get volume from the body but not the bridge pickups. I suspect the blend pot but am not sure what spec it is - 250k? Can any kind soul help me please?
    I'm UK based.
  2. dwizum


    Dec 21, 2018
    Balance pots on passive basses are almost always AC or MN taper 250k. At worst, you can try one of those two and see if it sounds OK, and if not, try something else. Either one should be available at a reasonable price from any guitar parts supplier.

    Do you own a multimeter? You can always try testing the pot that's in there now to determine resistance and taper.

    At any rate, it would be worth a careful look at the wiring to make sure there are no obvious broken wires or shorts before replacing anything. A single pickup suddenly becoming totally silent is often a broken or shorted hot lead from that pickup.
  3. Mark Meredith

    Mark Meredith

    Feb 15, 2022
    Thanks chap! My brother claims to have tested continuity throughout but he could have made a mistake so best I go through it all again on your advice. Appreciated!