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  1. Ok I have a 2x12 BergHT and an Ampeg 8x10. Im not satisfied with the Berg and want a shroeder. I like the idea of light weight but just because I want the biggest Schroeder cab. But the other cabs looked(size) and sounded great. I like having something I can throw in my tahoe without lowering the seat like my 8x10. Question is...does owning the 8x10 make it silly to have the 31012 big daddy shroeder or should I go with something different? I would be selling the Berggie most likely and cost is not a factor. These are being pushed with SVT6 or SVT-CL and typically I play blues/rock/stoner/metal but gotta be able to dial in a sweet clean tone to.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    StoutXXX-Thats quite a big rig you already have-but I think you'll be pleasantly suprised by the Shroeders...I have a Schro 410 that has flat drowned:crying: out an Ampeg 810 cab(using the same head)-but its hard to say what the contest would have been like with the additional 212 Bergs had been thrown into the mix...that may have evened things up-believe me these Schroeder cabs unique design,efficiency, and huge power handling ability -makes them loud! But the 310212(which is the largest cab Jorg makes (thats the cab I think you were referring to) should be even louder than my 410 cab...My 410 handles 1400 watts and weighs about 78 pounds-but if you went with the new Neo version of the 310212, you'd still come in at about 75 pounds and a speaker handling capacity of I believe about 1700 watts (see the web site for exact details-I going from memory) this would sure be alot easier :D to move around than your current rig and you will amaze eveyone:) that so much rich loud beautiful bass tone flows from that little cab...you've got to try one to believe it-and it will sound even better when you play it in your band...it cuts thru like a Hot Knife through rich apple butter:p ...goood luck...:cool:
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    I haven't heard the Light versions yet, so I can't speak to those specifically.

    The main difference (aside from volume/wattage issues) between the various regular Schroeder cabs is the tonal character of the low end and mid-bass.

    The cabs that have 12" driver(s) have a rounder, thicker bass tone (while still being quick and tight) than those that just use 10" drivers.

    All have good punch, but the all 10" cabs really excell in that regard (while still providing very solid, powerful lows).
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    I have the 310212. It's amazing. It blows my 8x10 away. It's still not exactly a "throw into the back of your car" cab....but it's better than the 8x10 in terms of portability. It can handle a ton of wattage and always sounds good. I'm not sure if I read it correctly, but are you aiming for getting rid of the Berg and replacing it with the 310212 to run in conjunction with the 8x10? I'm not usually the guy to say this, but that is just insanity, unless you are doing stadium gigs. The 310212 gets silly loud...and my definition of loud...is...LOUD!!!:bassist: Seriously...just the Schroeder on it's own can handle pretty much ANY gig situation. It has more of a low end to it (due to the 12's) than the 8x10, too.
  5. Yeah, the 310212 regular pushes 2150 watts. That's ridiculous. I doubt that you even have a head that can handle all that. I would sell the Berg AND the 810. Put some money in the bank until your next GAS attack ;)

    Or get a smaller Schro, but not both.
  6. Quick clarification....I want to keep the 8x10 for shows with little pa support and for classic stoner rock fuzz drenched bands. but I also want something smaller yet just as badass for other gigs, practices and venues with good pa support. Im kinda leaning toward the 21012 but might as well pop for the big daddy right?
  7. nah, I would just go for the 21012, unless you need more than 1200 watts. :rolleyes:

    The 310212 is $250 more than the 21012, and do you really need more than the 21012?
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