Which Slinky Should I get?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Osama_Spears, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Super Slinky

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  2. Regular Slinky

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  3. Hybrid Slinky

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  4. other(please specify)

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  5. Who Needs Strings to play bass?

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  1. Hey...I'm just asking an opinion on which EB strings should I get? I'd rather go w/ 105-45 gauge ones...but if you reccomend others,thats cool...just gimme your opinion,thanks!


    P.S- if it helps,I'm going for a metal/rock sound...no flatwounds please.
  2. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    I bought the EB bass slinkies (100-80-65-45) and they're great...they stay in tune well and are brighter than a 200 watt light bulb. I bought some EB Flats on Saturday and they're doing a great job as well.
  3. other (please specify)

  4. Hybrids.
  5. i use regulars and i like um. not to thick, not to light, regular strings, just feal right. HAHAHA that rhymed....oh brother.
  6. Agreed!
    They have a great sound that you just don't get from those plastic ones. But if anyone does use the plastic ones I suggest orange.
  7. i have been using supers as of yet, but i also like the sound of hybrid strings.