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Which string do you use on BTB and why?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by JFT, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Title says it all.

    Just got one and want to know what people tends to use on those!
  2. Grunge


    Jun 3, 2002
    well as a BTB owner, i would say that if you want to get the Ibanez' caracteristic sound you would just buy this Ibanez' strings that r proper for BTB series(check this out on the web site.www.ibanez.com) and if u want to get a different(more low-ptiched) sound, u would get Fender's nickel-wounded strings........
  3. Hi Grunge,

    I don't see the Ibanez strings as "proper" merely as a suggestion from Ibanez or an attempt to make money. Mind you I never tried them so I don't know how "good" they are. But let me put it this way: on their website they advertise their "higher-end" basses has having Elixirs strings ;) Me think that if their strings were that good the Elixir string wouldn't be a selling poing!!!

    To me different strings allows for varied tonal palette.

    I'm just curious to see what everyone is using specifically on the BTB because in my very limited experience the BTB doesn't seem to have a lot of mid. From there I'm targeting brighter strings with mids to compensate for that. From what I collected my next strings set will be TI Powerbass for that reason.
  4. I have a BTBq405 and I don't like the stock strings at all.. Not only are them too heavy for my taste but they sound dull as hell..

    I think the BTB500 series come with BTB strings, and the 1000 series come with elixirs..

    BTW my btb does have a lot of mid, the problem with it is that you cannot boost all mid frequencies at the same time..
    Hey JFT what model is your BTB? is it a 400 too?
  5. Hi Luis,

    Yes mine is a 400QM. I'm still "training my ears" to bass register... You're right about the mid characteristic.

    In the last 3 weeks I've been trying the following strings:

    GHS Boomer 45-105
    They came with the bass and were really awful very muddy.

    Dean Markley SR2000 47-107 (Will Lee?)
    A lots of punch and tons of mids. Higher tension and rough feeling. I'll develop caluses before I tried those again. I thought they may have too much mid for me.

    DR Hi-Beam SS: 45-105
    Very bright and flexible. Not deep sounding but still nice with the BTB. These were my favorite before I tried the Sunbeam.

    DR Sunbeam (nickel) 45-100
    Put those on 2 days again and I find they match perfectly (for me anyway) with the BTB. They add low mid but scoop hi-mid a bit. Slap was a bit better with the Hi-Beam but they are still very nice. I find they have more punch than the Hi-Beam with more definition and warmth to them.

    Mind you I picked up my first bass a month and a half ago so take these with a pinch of salt but I strongly suggest you try out the Sunbeam with the BTB...
  6. I got some very innexpensive strings for my btb... La bella Hard Rock Steels and La bella Slappers.. My bass' wearing the slappers right now.. God Bless.. WHat a difference.. It's such a relief to ear that the bass has a much better tone than I seemed to have with those crappy strings..
  7. I've been using D'Addario Chrome Flatwound extra long strings for three weeks now on my BTB405QM. I'm very pleased with the tone and feel. I have a range of tones from deep down low growl to high and bright available to me. I've also wanted to try the TI flats but it seems they don't make them for a 5-string 35" scale. Also, have been wanting to try La Bella Deep Talkin' Flats but haven't found a source for them yet. Anyway, the D'Addario flats have been serving me well.
  8. Hi KeiBau,

    I started bass only 2 months ago so bear in mind I'm still a newbie :D

    I'm curious about trying flat wound but I do slap (or anyway pratice it :p ) about 30% on my playing time and I read somewhere that flat & slap don't go along too well. Do you slap?
  9. Hi JFT,

    I've been playing 8 months so am a relative newbie as well. I've never developed the slap style so can't share any experience with the technique. From what I understand, those that like to slap prefer roundwound strings. Athough, some say they've been able to slap with flats. I prefer flatwound strings for the tone and feel. I'm looking for a low, warm tone that some seem to call muddy. Roundwounds give me a tone that I call twangy but those that prefer them call bright. Also, there's less string noise with the flats if your fingers drag on the strings as you work up and down the neck. The D'Addario Chrome flats that I'm currently using seem like they could slap, it's just that I've never tried. Also, the D'Addario flats don't give me a dull thud sound. Depending on how I set the EQ on my BTB405, I can achieve anything from a low growl to a bright tone. And the sustain, wow, you can strum a string and go to lunch to come back and have it still ringing out (well almost)!! Though I'm not sure if that's the strings, the BTB bass, or a combination or the two.

  10. Jeffrey A-Bomb

    Jeffrey A-Bomb Drink Coffee & Destroy Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2000
    Silver Spring, MD
    I didn't mind the stock btb strings, but dr lowriders sound really nice on my btb505. A lot more snap then the stock strings had.
  11. I'm curious to try the LowRider. In fact those would have been the first set I tried had I find them. (all my local resaller where out of stock! :mad: ) From all the opinions here I figured I might really loved them.

    Now that I've tried a few others I'm wondering if my finger are though enough for them :D The SR2000 really killed my fingers when I tried them 1 month ago. I just have "1 month worth of caluses" more than last time...

    Which one to you play the SS or Nickel ones?

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