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Which T-stiks?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by bassteban, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. I had a bass w/what I was told were Thomastik strings. They had green silk on the ends- does anybody know which ones these were?
  2. Help a brother out?
  3. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    If they are TI's and have green silk, then they are Jazz Rounds. Great strings, IMO.

    But, then, again, I love all of the TI string varieties. :bassist:
  4. Yeah, the bass was a Warwick Corvette 6. Weighed 12 pounds, but played sweet- had a real old Fender vibe/tone to it; I'm sure the strings contributed, sound- & playability-wise.
  5. Thomastics are the only strings I know of that totally can change the character of your bass. I love jazz bass rounds too. I am testing the super alloys protoype in a 36" scale.

    Their acousticores for ABG are the only ABG string worth playing. No subsitutes, IMO.
  6. Very interesting. My bass is 34", but using the string-through option, I need 39" from nut to ball end. Oh, & it's a 6 string- gotta be difficult... Lastly, as I recall, the T-stiks I played were very low-tension, light-gauge & flexible. How do your protos compare to my wordy yet vague description?
  7. Well I got so stoked about the superalloys that I wanted my bass set up with them. Instucted them that I wanted them "low, but with enough room to dig in." So we'll have to wait for my eval on the super alloys. I hope they are detailed, but not bright and brittle like most new BG strings. They are desinged with more of a detailed nickel sound bias rather than steel.

    As you know, TIs come in long scale-for 34" and "super long scale- 36". The tension is more critical on the extra long scale lengths, so TIs nail that tension-balance thing.

    I don't think stringing through the body requires much more length at all, does it?

    Mine's bigger than yours. :D

    But now they have a 39" scale bass called the Knuckle bass.
  8. My bass does need about 39 inches from nut to ball end- the ends anchor in a slotted, extended section of the body, somewhat like Les Claypool's fretless 6. I came up with the idea, built a little demonstrator & sent it to Chris Stambaugh. I can put 'normal' strings on it, but wouldn't be able to run them through the body.
  9. I understand. I'm sure it sounds great with that kind of coupling to the body-makes the bass vibrate more, right?

    Well you should try contacting the Thomastik distributor in Chicago. I do not have the address right now. Maybe you can score a free protype set of super long super alloys too.
  10. Yeah, it really tickles my scrawny chest. It's semi-hollow,too, so it's very responsive.
    I have emailed TI- they told me the minimum order for custom-type stuff was a gross or something. I'll try the distributor. I'm willing to go top-load if that's the only TIs I can use, I'd just rather string 'em through.
    What does the term 'superalloy' refer to?
  11. Well I have a description at home but don't remember exactly what it is. I know it is not just a steel variant. It is basically a hybrid between the output of the powerbass and the warm mellowness of the nickel roundwound.
  12. I used the TI superalloys last night. Awesome strrings. Very detailed, but not the least hint of brittle metallicy sound. Held tune. very playable. almost sticky feeling due to unique winding. Very slappable. tone cuts through with formiddable mids. These are keepers.

    HOWEVER, the extra long scale B would not fit on my 36" bass. It was too big. The 34" jazz bass B is too short. So what's up with that?