Which would you prefer and why, PF50T or V4B RI

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  1. Spupilup


    Jan 11, 2019
    New England
    I played through out the '70's and early '80's. Everything from prog to punk. A few years ago I picked up a guitar, then another, then a Squier Bass VI and then another guitar. A little over a month ago I treated myself to a G&L L1000. I had a very early production L1000 back in 1980 and thought, what the hell.

    Anyway, when I bought the Bass VI (and yes, I have it set up well with LaBella strings, shimmed, etc, etc.) I bought a little Ampeg Micro CL. I couldn't leave well enough along and installed a pair of EVM 10's in the cabinet. Not to shabby for a few hundred dollars.

    Well, now my good friend and brilliant carpenter is building me a Thiele TL806 with an EVM12 speaker, just like what my last setup was in the early '80's (I actually had two with an early GK amp). The question is, which Ampeg would work best with this cabinet.

    Don't criticize me, I want new. I already have an amazing little Ampeg Reverbojet from '68 for playing my guitars but I just want to plug and play with my bass amp. So, it boils down to the PF50T or the V4B RI (and no, an SVT is not in the cards). Now, I'm not likely to be playing live. Maybe, I'll have the occasional session with a guitarist friend or two but I doubt I'll be struggling to overpower a drummer. More often than not, I'll be practicing by myself and playing to recordings.

    As I'm typing this, my better senses tend towards the PF50T which will likely have more than enough power but I remember what the V4B sounded like when I played through it at GC and I'm not sure I can get that nasty, snarly tone out of the smaller amp. Based on what I hear from the Ampeg mavens on these boards, I'll know whether a longer road trip is in the cards for testing out the PF50T.

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  2. Son of Wobble

    Son of Wobble

    Mar 8, 2010
    My #1 bass head is an Ampeg SVT 5 Pro. But I wanted 'toobs' and @JimmyM steered me to the V-4B, with which I could not be happier.
    Super loud through an 8x10 cab, and the compression/breakup you reference is indeed excellent. But I like the clean sound just as much if not better than the grit. I happen to like the aesthetics of the v-4B a bit more than the steampunkish PF50T, which people here tend to love.

    There is some "humbuster" fix for the 50 I've read about, maybe someone could chime in. No fix necessary on the V-4B, which is dead quiet (no fan).

    The PF20T has its backers, too, with some swearing that has the sweetest recording tone of all.

    One of each? :thumbsup:
  3. jbrew73


    Dec 24, 2006
    V4 all the way.
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  4. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    The PF50T and V4B sound pretty much identical to me.
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  5. basso_profundo


    Mar 12, 2012
    Denver, CO
    Between the two, it was the V-4B for me.

    It’s heavier and bigger, but it’s 100 v 50 watts, looks sweet, and sounds amazing.
  6. Jim C

    Jim C I believe in the trilogy; Fender, Stingray, + G&L Supporting Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    Bethesda, MD
    Older V4B with 7027's
    I think these sound better than the reissue with 6L6 output tubes
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  7. Bent77


    Mar 6, 2013
    Desert, Colorado
    I loved the v4b. Maybe a little too much for in the house. It is an awesome amp, and will kill small animals at 10 paces through a 410

    If I was gigging, v4 and 4 or 810
    Just for the house a 50 & 210
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  8. Spupilup


    Jan 11, 2019
    New England
    First, I want to thank you folks for your suggestions. Second, I want to reiterate a couple of things. I doubt I'll need more than 50 watts, especially considering that the Thiele cabinet and EVM12 are incredibly efficient and tuned for one another. It's not likely I'll be playing in bars or weddings or anything like that. I can see sitting down with a couple of friends and playing but it's not as though I'll be playing that loud. The other thing is, the Thiele is a pretty small cabinet so the V4B won't sit very comfortably on top. I don't think the TL806 s much bigger than 20" high and 15" wide. I've included a link to the exact cabinet my friend is building for me.

    DJG - custom TL-806 EV-Style Speaker Cabinet 12" Finland Birch

    This is why I'm tending towards the PF50T. I just haven't had a chance to play through one and wonder if it will be as satisfying as the V4B.
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  9. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    Won't be as loud, but as someone who has both, it most definitely is as satisfying to me.
  10. Zbysek


    Mar 23, 2017
    Czech Republic
  11. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    Pretty sure Ampeg implemented the humbuster fix. So if the OP buys a new amp hopefully the fix is done.
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  12. Nighttrain1127

    Nighttrain1127 Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2004
    Near Worcester MA
    I have a PF50T I bought almost a year ago and never had any hum. I believe I read at the tail end of the hmubuster thread that Ampeg had fixed it.
    As to the OP I have a V4B RI and the PF50T either one would do what you want but there advantages to the PF50T if you are going to do any recording . You can get the actual output from the transformer out with the PF50T. with no speaker load. I am not sure you can do that with the V4B.
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  13. Spupilup


    Jan 11, 2019
    New England
    That's what I'm looking to hear. I may be new here but I've seen enough comments from you and responses from others to your comments to know you really have genuine experience with these amps. I'm not looking to bring down the house. All I want to know is that, for the most part, from a tonal perspective, I can achieve the same impact with the smaller amp.

    Plus, I can't help but feel that the smaller amp will look more at home with the TL806. When searching through the archives I did run into another player here on TB with an almost identical set up. He loved the combination of the PF50T, the EVM12 and the TL806.

    It looks like I'm going to have to take a ride and see if the PF50T moves me in the same way the V4B did.
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  14. Stewie


    Jul 3, 2013
    Near Boston
    Be sure to post pictures of the brand spankin' new PF 50T sitting on top of the friend made cab.
  15. Son of Wobble

    Son of Wobble

    Mar 8, 2010
    Thanks for clarifying. :thumbsup:
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  16. Haroldo

    Haroldo Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2005
    North Shore, MA
    How is the PF-50T carried? Is it just 2 hands, very carefully?
  17. ThinCrappyTone

    ThinCrappyTone Guest

    Oct 1, 2011
    Yes. I basically carry mine like a birthday cake.
  18. Spupilup


    Jan 11, 2019
    New England
    I don’t think that will be much of an issue for me should I opt for the PF50T. It’s not like I expect to be playing in a band anytime soon.
  19. dBChad


    Aug 17, 2018
    Tavares, FL
    I'm not a huge Ampeg fan, but I like the PF50T and would have one around if I could justify it. 50 Watts through a Theile cab is louder than you'd expect, and the direct out makes it a great amp for recording or playing live. Plus, at lower wattage, you can push the power tubes into saturation earlier and get that Ampeg grind at home practice level where a V4B could be unpleasant for others in the house.
  20. Spupilup


    Jan 11, 2019
    New England
    That’s what I was hoping for!