Whirlwind IMP DI, Broken Boss GEB-7, Dean Markley 5-string Flatwounds

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  1. winston


    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    I am selling a Whirlwind IMP passive DI. There are a few chips in the paint but it works/sounds great. Many people think this is the best cheap DI and I agree, it sounds noticeably better than the DOD and CBI passive DIs I've used.

    I have an old Japanese (brown/gold) Boss GEB-7 graphic EQ pedal. Doesn't work--won't turn on. Other issues--I've scavenged the inner spring and the screw thingy that holds it closed, plus 2 of the back panel screws. Missing 2 slider tips and metal plate that shows frequencies/levels is loose. :crying: I know, sounds pitiful, but it might be an easy fix...who knows?

    Dean Markley 5 string stainless steel Flatwound set gauges .45 .65 .80 .100 .125. I tried these on a whim, for some reason I thought they'd be similar to TI Jazz Flats but they're high-tension, Old-School, smooth flats all the way. Had them on my bass for 5 minutes, realized they weren't for me. Length from ball end to beginning of silk is approx. 37".
    These were on a bass with a 2+3 headstock. G is uncut, total length of other strings is: B- 44", E- 46", A-46 ", D- 44".

    All prices include USPS shipping to continental US.