White Blonde American Fender Precision

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  1. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    This is a very nice Fender Precision bass made in the USA -- it is in mint condition with hang tags, all accesories (still sealed in a plastic bag), plastic still on the pickguard, and comes with the original hard-shell case!

    The white blonde finish really looks great over the ash body and the neck has a nice dark rosewood board and fits snugly into the neck pocket. This bass plays and sounds just like a good p-bass should!

    Check out the picture below and click on precision for some additional pics:


    I got this bass for studio use, but I really just don't need another fretted bass. The retail on this bass is about $1300, and you might commonly find it for around $900; I don't need to get that kind of money for it and I'd like to hook up a fellow bass player, so send me an e-mail at extreme517@netzero.net if you're interested.

    I can also get ahold of a red tortoise-shell pickguard that would fit this bass perfectly, which would look great with the white blonde finish and rosewood fingerboard!