SOLD White Precision Bass Pickup Covers That Will Actually Fit Your Fender

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    What makes these special? Well, after searching far and wide for a white P bass cover that had the correct dimensions to actually fit both Fender and aftermarket P bass pickups, much aggravation buying from both reputable and questionable vendors only to find out their covers did not fit (in most cases, they wouldn't even fit the flat work bobbin, let alone fit even a little bit into the pickguard route), I decided to order one with my Lollar pickup.

    What else makes these special? You can only get them from Lollar and they DO NOT sell them have to specify at time of purchase. They do everything in house at Lollar, and that includes fabricating their own pickup covers. Not only do they fabricate their own, they also buff the surfaces and edges to a nice gloss that feels great on the thumb. As far as I know, no other pickup maker that offers P bass pickups as an aftermarket option goes to those lengths for something as trivial as a cover, but Lollar isn't any other pickup maker...which is probably why it's IMPOSSIBLE to find ones that don't require at least some tedious modification (unless you want to rip the guts out of a Dimarzio) in order to make them barely fit.

    I'm offering these up for $15 shipped with the knowledge that it is a fair price, and the confidence that these are essentially the ONLY option of you want a white P bass pickup cover. I know, sounds silly, but I respectfully challenge you to find one. After the six month wait for it to arrive from China, the frustration in realizing the $6 one from eBay or aliexpress (or All Parts, or WD, or Basspartsresource) doesn't fit, and the hour wasted risking damage to your bass and pickups trying to make it do so, then and only then, will my words toll the bell of truth that will rattle your inner being and possibly change you as a human being forevermore.

    The condition of these are what I'd call excellent for gently played pickup covers. I can include some mounting screws and foam at buyers request.

    Price: $15 shipped CONUS/PayPal
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  2. joker820

    joker820 Supporting Member

    Jan 20, 2014
    Selling the white covers? You're reckless! Seriously though, I just ordered this pup with a white cover yesterday. Can't wait!
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    Cherish it!
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  4. basss

    basss Supporting Member

    Aug 27, 2001
    I'll take 'em. Message me payment info
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