Who are some bassist who get to much credit??

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  1. "What bass players are overrated"? Two that stand out for me is Flea and please don't get mad..... but Cliff Burton also. What do you think??
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    I think that a question like this doesn’t have much merit.

    Flea clearly can play his instrument well enough to sell millions of albums and to be invited to cameo on other artists recordings.

    Cliff was also proficient. His life came to an end well before most artists truly bloom. Some may say he was cheated out of his full potential.
  3. I agree with you, Flea and Burton are two of the greatest bass players ever, and can definetely play like their life depended on it. I only really think that these 2 are only a little overrated. He can play but you can hear that he can be sloppy at times. The same with Burton, he is great but a sloppy player at times. Its just my own opinions BTW.

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    This won't end well. And it's "TOO much credit", not "to much credit".
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  5. I know it is two Os, I'm on mobile and I probably never hit it twice by accident. There is no way to edit the title of a thread anyway.
  6. For me - Jaco.
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  7. Explain, not that I don't agree with you, I just like reasons.
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    Do you mean, like, at Rent-a-Center?

    Seriously, OP: Before I answer, I challenge you to first define "overrated."
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  9. His music doesn't interest me, I find a lot of it boring and self indulgent. Just my opinion, I respect his influence and legacy but he ain't for me
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    Beat me to it. On both counts.
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  11. Overrated as in bassists that 'YOU THINK' get too much credit for what they have done or do. I emphasise the words 'YOU THINK', because i'm asking for 'YOUR' opinion.
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    How will you react if someone's answer is John Paul Jones? :smug:
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    None. We each have our place in our given lives to fill on bass. Who am I to tell someone else they are over rated? Who am I to even worry about it beyond my own musical realm?
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Paul McCartney and Roger Waters spring to mind.
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    Thanks for that.

    I can't name a single one.

    There are plenty of bassists I don't particularly care for. But I don't begrudge any of them an iota of the credit they've earned. Especially if they're getting paid, making butts move, or both.
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    So tell me.
    Is the self indulgence of playing Fusion worse than the monumental self indulgence of Rock and Roll?o_O

    Is the sin of "Too many notes" worse than the highly encouraged sex,partying and drugs of Rock and Roll?
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  17. They're both equal really but rock n roll is more fun ;)
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    A whole lot that came out of that"fun" wished they'd never went in.
    Fun or not!
    Better to just stay clean!
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    That is going to upset a lot of Bass players.
    I agree, that doesn't mean I think he is crap or anything like that, but I do think he is overrated.
    But the same could be said about many of the most noted bass players, if people answered this question honestly, the end result would be a list of most of the "greats".
    I always think that instrumentalists are always impressed with chops, and those that have chops are always championed.
    Chops are good to have, but there's also feel, conviction, invention, tone and a whole host of elements at play within any musical context.
    Did Jaco play appropriately within the musical contexts he played in? For the most part yes. Was he the most technically advanced in the world of bass? No, others like NHØP has already gained more technical ability.
    Was he a superior musician in all aspects of music? No, he had good technical abilities, he had good composition skills, but there were better such as Mingus, was he innovative? Yes, sort of. He expanded the use of harmonics, but he wasn't the first, he pushed the fretless bass as a viable instrument, again he wasn't the first, produced a strong 16th note feel, again he wasn't the first, he played lyrical melodic phrases, again he wasn't the first.
    Basically he synthesized elements of other players into a singular style, that was embraced by bass players and often copied, actively pushed the idea that he was the greatest, again even that concept wasn't his either.
    Even he said "I know where I stole every note from"
    I think he played well, with great self promotion. But I do agree he is overrated.
    Have I really checked out his playing? Everything from his Solo stuff, Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Ian Hunter, Pat Metheny and others.
    Is there stuff I dig? Yes, A Remark You Made, Portrait of Traceya Come On Come Over, Continuum are cool.
    But things like his version of Donna Lee, I don't like the tune, I dig Charlie Parker but this is one of his ugliest sounding tunes, Goodbye Porkpie Hat, jeez give me Mingus any day of the week, Jeff Beck also did a terrible version of this tune, Marcus Miller did good though. Teentown, I like the slower groovier version that Brian Bromberg did.
    I think overrated really depends on the aspects of music you value, I was impressed as a young player by players with chops and such but as I gained more ability, I was more impressed by musical depth, groove feel and emotional conviction. I think a player's personal view of other players reflect where they themselves are as players and where they strive to be.
    There is no wrong answer to this thread.
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  20. Sean150


    Jul 18, 2018
    Jameson, he’s good and really made Motown music, but I’m not a huge Motown fan so his playing is notable but to me not the top. But I’m a Flea and Jaco Fan so what do I know ;).

    It’s kinda a silly way of asking the question because I love listening to what all Bass players do and learn from it. Rating them is kinda like picking a favourite Pokémon.
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