Who are the best fretless players on youtube?

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  1. I've spent some time on youtube trying to find guys that play well and have a nice warm and articulate sound
    I found this guy. he's also a great guitarist

    I checked out Steve bailey and he doesn't do anything for me.too thin and nasally, hate the 6 string especially on fretless.
    Do you guys know of anyone else on youtube playing fretless jazz latin... in a competent way?
  2. I wish I was the best fretless bass player of all time (maybe youtube... heck, even the best in my city). But considering Jaco Pastorius and the fact that I have barely touched a fretless, it's still a long way for me.

    But one can only hope and work for it. I'm kind of serious.
  3. I like Les Claypool, Jimmy Johnson (Flim), and Percy Jones a lot.
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  5. Perhaps not?

    cough*subjective opinion*cough
  6. I was hoping someone would post some links. I have all the jaco stuff, claypool is out for me. Jiimmy Johnson is as far as I know a fretted player.
    I'm looking for some guys who are sort of in the jaco school of music who have posted clips that are fun/inspiring/ educational to watch.
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    Type in Mick Karn on YouTube, he is a awesome fretless player.
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    Pino is one of my favorites. Here's a YouTube link....
  9. Pino Palladino!
    on youtube user name HENDRIXonBASS is an awsome fretless player.
    Jaco? - not impressed at all!
  10. He plays the fretless also. As for links, I think it is best that you find them yourself because you are likely to come across some very interesting stuff in the process.