Who Designed/Built Your Tone?

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  1. This is posted in effects since for me personally, this is mostly an effects pedal question.

    Looking at my pedal board the other day, it occurred to me that I have had the good fortune to own some great pedals, and the even better fortune to have direct contact with many of the people who have either directly designed or built many of my favorite effects pedals. Made me wonder - how many of us are that lucky to be able to say that about our gear?

    Anyway, here's the gear I have, and the people who have designed/built it. At least these are the pieces of gear whose designers/builders I know. There are plenty of other DOD, Boss, and Joyo pedals on my boards as well.

    GK 700RB-II, 400RB-IV, MB200, Backline 112 - Designed by Bob Gallien, who is active right here on TB. The foundation of much of my tone!

    GK Rails Pedal - Designed by Frank Appleton, tested/tweaked by John Kallas, and my pedal was built by Dominic Decosa. All are active here on TB, and the pedal was built and discussed here "live" on a forum thread.

    Pork Loin - Designed by George Tripps, with a mod recommended by John Kallas.

    B3K - Designed by Doug Castro, mine was built by Spencer Doren during the time he built them stateside.

    Pharaoh Supreme - Designed/built by Mark of BAT. Don't know his last name for some reason...

    Proton - Designed/built by Spencer Doren.

    FDeck HPF 3 - Designed/built by Francis Deck

    Echo-Puss - Designed by George Tripps

    Gamma Bass OD - Designed/built by John Kallas

    Trans-Boost - Designed by Frank Appleton, tweaked/tested by John Kallas, and mine was built by Dom Decosa.

    On the guitar side of things, I have a few duplicates, but also have the Rivera Metal Shaman designed by Paul Rivera as well as the FatMetal by James Brown.

    I have had direct or indirect contact with pretty much all of these people with the exceptions of George Tripps, Mark from BAT, and Paul Rivera. I just think that's pretty cool.

    I've found that I apparently like JohnK's stuff, even if we don't agree on the B3K. Overall, I like what he likes. Even some pedals not on this list were only bought because of his glowing reviews. And thus far, there hasn't been a pedal or recommendation of his that I didn't really agree with, B3K notwithstanding.

    Anyway, I think this is just a fun little thing to investigate about our gear. So, what gear do you own that you know who made it? Have you learned anything from/about those people or yourself?

    Corollary - anybody know who designed some of the big, non-boutique stuff? I'm thinking DOD and Boss mostly, but anything really would be cool.
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  2. Tourniquet Man

    Tourniquet Man

    Jun 12, 2015
    I dont know Brian at ss/bs personally but i would buy his entire catalogue if i could. Made a start with the tafm and buzz, love them both.
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  3. ^^^ What he said.

    I'll also gladly play anything/everything made by @Azure Skies.
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  4. Kind of a bit weird... the people at boss are faceless so can't say who designed things like ceb3... but boutique - genz Benz, my cab from a music store in Adelaide, cog 66 mini -tom is a great guy even tho only ever contacted him via emails ,... kind of staples of my tone and know the designers are good... I know it's a bit stupid but sometimes I like that I support boutique builders / the little guys if their product really works for me.
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  5. taylor16

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    Dec 25, 2012
    Sedona, AZ
    In an effort to keep my tone elements as simple as possible-

    Steve/Jason's compressor (Empress)>>
    Brian's Mini (smallsound/bigsound)>>
    Matt's Green Russian (Stomp Under Foot)>>
    Josh's HPF/LPF (Broughton)>>
    Jack's preamp/DI (Noble)>>

    Yeah- That would do JUST fine ;)
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  6. I'm not sure I was clear enough in my first post. This is intended to be a place to list builders of the gear you currently use, not a dream rig and who would make it. I could list plenty of gear I'd love to have, but these are the pieces I actually have (and often use) to get the tones I currently love. So, what do you guys actually use, and do you know who made it? If so, tell the world! (And for my own sake, please post full names or links if you can. I might just have to look into some stuff here...)

    Anyway, post on!
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  7. rjovin

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    May 27, 2011
    Tampa, Fl
    The three main parts of my bad board are:

    Mxr bass compressor

    Schenkenstein effects (on facebook only) gold mt (it's a modded earthquaker devices Acapulco gold with an added volume knob and separate boost knob and footswitch) this pedal is sweet and my alway on od. I recently tried replacing it with an eqd gray channel and the gold mt is back on my board!
    John is the builder and i now talk with him via facebook pm and text. This was the first pedal he made for me, i now have 4 total from him.

    Mesa boogie subway di
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  8. 40Hz

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    May 24, 2006
    That's a very hard question for me to answer. Because "my" sound will change depending on what type of music I'm playing and who I'm playing with. I have my jazz sound, my rock sound, my Motown sound, my prog sound, etc. I don't really have a single "my sound."

    About the only constant in my signal chain is a Broughton Audio Alex-1 preamp. It's a baxandall design that lets me dial in just about any core tone I want.

    Stage two is what I call "signal remediation" and consists of a Broughton Audio HPF and a Keeley Bassist compressor. Those get used to tame unruly room acoustics when and as needed. These are usually parked at the end of the line.

    All the other stuff I own rotates in and out and isn't what I'd consider essential, although a tiny hint of reverb via an IE Nimbus is slipped in there more often than not.
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  9. I get that! I certainly don't use all these pedals at the same time. But when I need my "my" OD, fuzz, etc. tones, those are what I use.
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  10. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

    Gonna take a different route. John Entwistle built my tone. :D

    No, I certainly haven't cloned his tone, especially given that he uses stereo rigs for clean lows and dirty highs, but his P-bass/Fenderbird tones are my favorites and sometimes I get in the ballpark.

    I also love his Alembic tones, but I'll never match them with my P-style basses!

    As for the actual question: the Bergantino NV610 is the awesome sauce for my tone: has all the SVT 8x10 magic in a smaller, lighter box. Also have to give props to the Reiner Amplification Studio 1200 head which to me provides the perfect canvas on which to paint with my various basses and pedals (always in rotation so I won't mention 'em).
  11. I have a lot of gear but I'd say the bulk of my most used tones I can thank Douglas Castro from Darkglass electronics and Andrew Barta from Tech 21 for
  12. Bob Gallien, Robert Keeley, Guillaume Fairfield, Jason Lollar, Leo Fender and occasionally Andrew Barta.
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  13. Don't know his last name but tom from cog effects in the uk, mini66 is my always on tone...
  14. I'd say it's down to John Entwistle and Ian Killmister for inspiration on my tone. Then the equipment changes all the time, though Mesa Boogie has played a big part...
  15. NoiseNinja

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    Feb 23, 2011
    I did, or my mom and dad or God or whatever you believe in did.

    What gear I use that gives me the tone I want though, when playing in a band:

    - Ibanez Mikro with EMG Geezer Butler J/P pickups, both engaged at full tone and volume and with nicklewound strings gauge 95-40

    - EHX Black Finger (tube driven optical compressor)

    - Trace Elliot GP75SM 130W 15" (going from the Line Out, post EQ, into a 345 W active PA speaker Behringer Eurolive B212D 12" with disabled horn)

    Pretty much!

    I am however looking into adding a bit of chorus and overdrive into my clean sound, as well as finding a main distortion sound.

    Here I am pondering of adding a Joyo orange juice in the loop of my Boss LS-2 for clean blend for my main distortion sound, and running my active PA speaker through some kind of chorus with a clean blend and a Behringer V-Tone Bass BDI21 from the Tuner Output of my amp for my "clean" sound.

    Another option would be to just use what I have now and always keep one effect slot reserved for a chorus sound on my Zoom B3 using the build in clean blend for that effect, and having my Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 100 taking care of a bit of pre amp tube overdrive mixed into the sound with my Boss LS-2 for my "clean" sound and then add an Joyo Orange Juice later for my main distortion sound.

    Guess I'll have to experiment a bit with that.

    But as I don't really play in a regular band at the moment, my only chance to experiment with it really is whenever I get the rare chance to jam with a drummer friend of mine, who live quite a bit away from where I live.

    Next time we jam together I know what I will use the first 30 minutes or so for though :hyper:
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  16. Rexalot


    Jan 1, 2011
    Leo Fender
    Adolf Rickenbacher
    Cyrus @ovnilab / ovnifx @bongomania
    Doug Castro @Darkglass
    Dave Reeves @hiwatt
    Steve Rabe @swr
    Jim Marshall
    All of the thousands of wonderful musicians/Bass players that I've heard over the last 46 years!!!!!
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  17. Korladis

    Korladis Inactive

    Cool thread idea.

    Starting with most important:

    Cab: Sunn 2000S. Designed by Conrad Sundholm, built originally as a 1200S cab by whoever was working that day. Rebuilt to the 2000S design by me. This honestly seems to make the biggest difference to my tone.

    Amplifier: Mesa/Boogie D-180. Presumably designed by Randall Smith. Or whoever was designing amps in the late 70s. Built by whoever was at the factory that day in 1982. How I get the basic overdrive sound that I use the majority of the time.

    Morley Dual Bass Wah. No idea who designed this. Not their most popular model, but I find it works quite well.

    Dunwich custom Muff. Designed and built by Nick Williams of Dunwich Amplification. One-off custom pedal. Nick posts here on TB sometimes. That's how I found out about his work.

    EHX Holy Grail Nano. Not sure who designed it. Mike Matthews, maybe? Really basic reverb pedal. I used to have a Digitech Digiverb, but the Holy Grail is simpler and therefore easier to use. Just a switch for what kind of reverb you want, and a knob for how much of it you want. I use it for intros, some interludes, any time I'm playing ebow, and for some endings.

    EHX Ravish Sitar. Again, not sure if Mike Matthews designed it himself or not. I mainly use it in conjunction with the Holy Grail for intros and interludes.

    Korg Miku. I have no idea whose crazy idea this was. I don't use it that much, since making bizarre noises is about all I can do with it. Sounds super creepy with reverb.
  18. gregmon79

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    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    It's a pretty cool feeling to actually speak, usually through email anyway, to the builders of your pedals! I have been in contact with the following for one reason or another

    Doug of Darkglass
    Matt of Idiot Box
    Jose of JFerro
    Ryan of Fuzzrocious
    Ryan of Big Game
    Ryan of Built By Ryan
    Tom of DOD/Digitech
    Hammish of Sountampton
    Josh of Broughton
    Matt of Stomp Under Foot
    Francis of FDeck
    Nic of Midnight Amplification
    Brian of SS/BS

    There are quite a few more but most of these guys I've had quite a bit of back and forth with over time. A couple I've even developed somewhat of if not a total friendship with. It's so cool to actually speak to these guys and be involved with the process. If anything just to talk and relate to each other. Share in our love of pedals and gear in general. I'm proud and grateful to have the experiences I have had so far with a number of builders. There are so many great people building now and it feels great to be somewhat apart of that world. I wish I was more involved at times but it's great to be where I'm at today.
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