Who else here uses Yorkville?

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  1. I've had a 800 watt yorkville head+cab for about a year now (i got it shortly after they came out with the 8x8 800 watt cab) and i'm quite pleased with it considering it didn't cost much at all.

    I've had a few gigs with it, and even though it's heavy as hell, it gives off a pretty nice sound to make up for it :D .

    does anyone else use yorkville amps/cabs? if so, which ones?
  2. Yeah, i've got the XS400 head, with the old 4X10's and 1X15 with the blue carpet. I'm thinking that when i go home form university im going to sell the cabs and go for the 8X8's or somehting along those lines, what do you think of the 8X8's?
  3. Rezdog

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    Feb 17, 2004
    T.Rez, Canada/Motown
    Greetings from the North,
    I use the XS800H head with a Dr.Bass Rx2260 cab. It's an outstanding combo.
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    Nov 15, 2003
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    Feb 17, 2004
    T.Rez, Canada/Motown
    How you be bmc?
  6. Using the XS400H head with an Avatar B410 Kappa Pro - absolutely killer.

    - Andrew
  7. 1 YBA-1A Mk II with matching 410 cab
    2 XS400c with Ampeg Classic 15's underneath
    1 XS800 with 808 cab

    And they all sound great.

    One of these days I will take a family pic.

    I am looking for a new YBA200. Paired with the 808 it sounds amazing!
  8. Quadzilla

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    Psssst, there is a XS800 for sale in the For Sale forum...
  9. superflybass


    Feb 16, 2004
    La Crosse WI
    I have the xc400 and 4x10 and 1x15 cab love them built like tanks
  10. I use the Xm200(the 1X15 combo). I love it. I don't need anything bigger yet. Thing has great sound and is LOUD. Sometimes there are gigs where they don't mic the drums/guitar or D.I. me, and I usually play at like 2(which is what I practice with at home) and the level is great.
  11. DAcat

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I just recently got a Yorkie XS800H to power my Schroeder 410 and I love :) the multiple different tonal possible sounds this head gives me -its louder than I will probably ever play and it has killer tone to die for paired with the Schroeder cab... :D
  12. Groundloop


    Jun 21, 2005
    I'm currently using the XS800H with Eden 210+115 cabs. I love the head, but I'm going to be making a change in the cabs soon. I'm probably going to try out the XC808, but I'm also investigating Dr. Bass cabs, especially the BL212 and BL1260.

    I wish there was a Canadian bass cab maker (like Dr. Bass, Avatar, LDS etc.) so that when I win the lottery and buy an F Bass and a Dingwall I could have an all Canadian rig. :D
  13. Larry Kaye

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    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I was really impressed with it's tone, versatility, features, had more volume than my cabinet could handle.

    REALLY found the damping control, forgot what Yorkville names it, but don't you guys with the 800 watt hybrid head have that feature too? DACat? That control itself should be a REQUIREMENT on all heads!!! It just totally tightened up my Schroeder cabinet....don't get me wrong it's a punchy cabinet but it allowed me to turn up even more without any farting and as you turned off that effect there was less and less "speaker cone control" I guess you could call it, and the cabinet would fart out way before it's time.

    Also, the adjustable mid frequency I believe it was called "range?" and the amount was cool + the Scoop control allowed me to dial in just enough cut through to make the cabinet sing nicely as they're supposed to without that honkiness.

    I left my favorite tone alone, turned off about 95% of the treble on my bass and switched to the bridge pickup and there's the infamous "Jaco" sound (with nowhere close to Jaco's ghost playing!!!), which was a nice added surprise.

    What I did find "negative", not for me but for possibly someone with a passive bass or a bass that doesn't have a strong e or b string, was that the amp didn't have a "deep" switch. I don't know what frequency or range the bass tone control provides, but I can see why a reviewer or two didn't like the head for dub/reggae, or really heavy bottom. I was able to get more than enough low end mostly because of the bass boost on my guitar. I would say that the bass on the amp itself slightly helped "fill out" the low end, but again, it wasn't a powerful tonal addition, at least not on this head with my axe and the Schroeder, but understand, there was plenty for my uses, and the damping control made it even more effective....this was just an observation that may not have any effect on 99% of you guys.

    Easy to carry (nice spring loaded handles on sides of the head), not a big footprint, nicely made cabinet for the head. very neat layout, On off. standby,mute switch, tuner out, balanced output, pre post eq, ground lift, all on the front panel

    The 200 was not horribly heavy and was the first tube head I've ever worked with that actually weighed less than the cabinet I was using!!!

    The dealer pricing is darn close to the internet for these heads. I would recommend, if there's a dealer close to you/convenient, IMHO to spend the extra few bucks to support him/her and have them deal with any warrantee issues and shipping....possible replacement or rental while your head may be gone, but knowing Traynor's/Yorkville reputation for quality/durability, and their warrantee, you may never see the shop.

    I'm not in a position to purchase one today and this dealer doesn't take the only credit card that I have with enough left on it to get approved!!! otherwise I woulda bought it last night.

  14. well said Larry.

    Yeah i love the Scoop knob, comes in handy :)
  15. I tried an XS400 and it sounded like I was playing through an old garage sale stereo speaker with a pillow in front of it. Or maybe a big loud bass being played in the next building.

    No matter what knob I turned, all I got was a rumbling boom. The knobs seemed to subtly alter the character of the rumbling boom, but there it was, flabby and undefined.

    I ***really*** wanted to like the amp, as I was considering getting the 800 based on what I read here and on looking at the features, warranty, etc. I was ecstatic when I saw it in a local store, although I wanted the bigger model.

    I figured the 400 would be a reasonable facsimile, but that experience just left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd basically be buying it unheard, and I just couldn't do it after hearing that bad sound.

    Maybe the head was defective, or maybe the cab it was running through? It was some Yorkville cab, a 410 I think.

    Judging from what people here say, it should have more than one tone, and at least one of them should be acceptable to me surely.

    I know people have vastly different ideas of what "good" tone is. My good tone is another guys crap tone. Still, this really was bad...

    I think I just got a lemon.
  16. I've got an XS800H with a self built 410 and a Yorkville 115. Love it.

    I used a xs400 combo for a while before that which sold me on getting the xs800h.
  17. DAcat

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Cristo-I've been playing for more than 35 years and I've heard a lot of diiferent tones and consider my self a bit of a "Tone Dog" -that is,I'm very particular what my bass sound is like, and more and more, its what I sound like than the latest licks I've learned,or how well I can make those licks sound...but in any case I never played the Yorkville 400,and specifically never played your amp and speakers,so I can't compare my experiences with the Yorkville 800 to yours with the 400-and I guess that's not the topic on this thread here,...but the 800 is one fine amp...and not to take anything away from the Yorkie,but I'm also playing mine through a Schroeder 410 cab which makes most amps sound alot better than they otherwise would...When I first got that 410 cab, a little SWR 160 I had laying around, suddenly sounded like a giant-killer....
  18. Beefbass

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    Feb 4, 2001
    I have the XM200C 1X15 combo. I agree-this thing is LOUD for its size-and thats before adding an extension cab.

    Has a warm, yet punchy tone, and is built very tough. I'm very happy with it. :hyper:
  19. I haven't found a Yorkville Cab that I really liked much yet, including the 8X8. Most cabs I tried would change their sound completely as the volume increased - including the Schroeders.

    Trust me, I tried a LOT of cabs before finally settling on one (that I never even heard before I bought it haha). I thought the Peaveys sounded better than the Yorkville 4X10. I also heard that the Yorkie 410 is being sent back for "re-engineering". Hopefully Yorkville will have something for us soon. In the meantime, I'm VERY happy with the sound from my Avatar B410 Pro with Xover mod.

    - Andrew
  20. Yes, I was more whining about my bad experience than trying to dissuade anyone from the Yorkvilles. I really think I must have just played on a bad setup; something must have been wrong. I wish there had been another one available locally to hear. If I ever get the chance I'm going to try another just because I like the idea of this amp, anywya.

    And again, one man's crappy tone is a nother man's perfect tone, so maybe it could have been that as well.