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Who else is running a Mac

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by g4string, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. g4string

    g4string Supporting Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    Melissa, TX
    I have a couple of questions for you savvy mac guys/girls.......

    1 - how do I get "Applications" to my dock. I tried dragging it to my dock but it justs poofs away and disappears.

    2 - Whenever I watch a streaming video or download a file. It copies itself to my desk top. Then I have to drag the file to my trash. How do I stop downloads from copying themselves to my desktop. BTW, I am using Firefox as a browser

    3 - How do I stop certain programs from running on startup. If I go to the Apple icon in the far left corner - then go to 'About This Mac' - then to 'More Info' - then scroll down to 'Start Up Items' - there is a whole list of programs that start running at start up. Which ones do I need to keep running or can I stop them all from running at start up. How do I stop them from running.

  2. blueskid


    Sep 11, 2006
    washington, dc
    i still say open apple too. there is a very special place in my heart that old apple iie
  3. Go to System Preferences > Accounts, then click on the "Login Items" tab - you'll see the list of items here, and you can delete them from here.
  4. You have to drag folders to the right hand side of the dock (by the trashcan) - the left side of the dock is for applications only. So just drag the Applications folder there, and you'll be sorted. :)
  5. g4string

    g4string Supporting Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    Melissa, TX
    Thanks for the help!!!
  6. disenchant

    disenchant You can't plagiarize yourself.

    Aug 9, 2006
    Elgin, IL
    Firefox will download the file wherever you tell it to. So to change it from your desktop go to Firefox>Preferences>Main and either tell it where to send all your downloads or click "Always ask me where to save files."
  7. I have a first gen macbook and I love it.

    For everyone that says that PCs are better, I know a guy that has designed and oversees the computer networks for three hospitals and is a consultant for about 10 more. He designed everything to work on windows. He only runs macs at his house because "they just work". When my mac harddrive crashed I asked him how easy it was to replace and he responded that he didn't know because he had never had to deal with something like that before.

  8. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    How is it you can put those 2 statements together, and not feel at least a little stupid?
  9. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    I'm running a MacBook myself, it's actually a desktop model now that I've bound it with a wireless keyboard and a nice 20" Viewsonic.. But anyways. You never know when you need to drag it along.
  10. My ex.

    I hope she is enjoying it. I worked many hours to afford that computer.

  11. Software vs hardware. Totally different ball game.

  12. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    Yeah, I remember that from the TV ads. "Macs, they just work. The software, not necessarily the hardware"

    In all the years I've used PCs, I've only ever had 1 hard drive go bad on me, because the drive was on 24/7 for 4 and a half years, except for blackouts.

    I'm not bashing Macs, I own one, I'm just saying, it's a bit unusual to say that Macs are better than PCs, and only count one aspect of computing. Some Macs have had serious cooling and battery issues, and that should definitely be considered when deciding between a Mac and a PC. To only take the software into account is short-sighted.
  13. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Well, the hardware is identical so that's not much of a big deal. The battery issues were on Windows Laptops as well as Apple Laptops (and in reality were a Sony issue) so it's about the same. There were cooling issues on the early MB Pros, that's certainly true. I'm not sure who supplies Apple's hard drives, but I'd be surprised if it is someone not supplying the same drives to Windows PC manufacturers. I had two hard drives crap out on me in my Dell Laptop in 3 years (about the same amount of time between each failure) and I know that a lot of people with the same model as me had the same problem... possibly due to the massive amount of heat that thing generated (Inspiron 8500). It would get so hot that you literally couldn't hold your hand against the keyboard.

    IMO, it's largely an issue of OS. If you want OS X get a Mac, if not then you can pretty much buy any platform you want.
  14. Exactly. I have a mac because I like the OS, not because of the hardware. I couldn't care less what hardware is in my computer, as long as it works. I am not surprised that my HD gave out, a I have since read about the same problem happening with other first gen macbooks. Oh well, I put a new HD in it, not that big of a deal.

  15. Brad Maestas

    Brad Maestas Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2003
    Oakland, CA
    I'm a Mac user as you might be able to tell from all the text below. I grew up on x86 DOS machines. When I was living in Lawrence, KS (go Hawks!), a pianist friend of mine was a beta tester for Apple and he showed me what was going to be OS X. I was floored. Seeing the dock and its magnification trick for the first time, I had an indescribable feeling of seeing something familiar but entirely new at the same time. Soon after, I bought the first 17" Powerbook model and have been a Mac user since. This computer has been rock solid. I had read about people having trouble with the screens on the first 17's but mine was fine. No battery problems. I bought another battery and switch them out to extend their lives.

    One of the major draws for me was the new FW800 protocol. I used a 400G drive at FW400 for several months and then when the Triple-Interface drives started popping up, I bought some FW800 drives and it is amazing. Now I am using two LaCie Quadra 500GB drives (one for my music, one for videos) plus an older 250GB Triple-Int. for recordings. I never have dropouts in PTLE anymore with FW800 even with full track counts.

    One thing I wanted to mention is that the Disk Utility performs several functions. One of which is repair permissions. I think this is what a previous poster was referring to. This is not a maintenance script. It just makes sure the access permissions are set correctly for your files. I usually run it after an install (not a drag-and-drop into the Applications folder 'install'). Otherwise, it doesn't speed the computer up.

    The utility 'Onyx' is a multi-tool similar to Tech Tool Pro without the diagnostics. It lets you do all sorts of cool things. I used to use some other apps called 'MacJanitor' and 'Tinker Tool' before I found Onyx. In the 'Automations' tab, Onyx lets you repair permissions and run maintenance scripts, in addition to optimizing the system. After years of use and after noting other users' experiences with it, we tend to not use the optimizer. It has a tendency to be a bit too aggressive and can muck with files that don't need it. So under Onyx all I run is the permissions repair and maintenance scripts.

    The maintenance script is similar to the one that Apple's run on themselves, if left on in the early hours. Most people either turn their computers off or set them to sleep overnight and these scripts don't run. (I think they normally run at about 4 a.m.) In that scenario, the scripts never get a chance to run and your computer could eventually seem more sluggish than usual.

    Back to my old friend: he was a shortcuts kind of guy if you know what I mean. I had never seen anyone navigate and generally get **** done on a computer like he could before. It took me a while before I began using key commands more than the mouse but now that I'm comfy with them, my productivity is much greater. If you've ever seen a savvy ProTools engineer you know what I mean. One of the things that really helped me was "The Manual That Should Have Come With Mac OS X". I think I got one back when it was Panther. Great book. Shows you every shortcut imaginable. Like how to do a whole screen capture (^(Shift)––3) or how to do a capture with a sizable box (^––4). Some utilities like Onyx let you set the output format for these captures to any type you like, ie. PNG, JPG, PDF, etc. Very handy.

    Another cool one that is not well known is the tilde (`, left of 1) and Tab key commands. If you want to switch to another open window within an app, hold  and press tilde and you'll switch between windows. Likewise, to switch applications, hold  and hit the Tab key and each hit will highlight a different app. You can move backwards by adding Shift while pressing Tab. Release to select an app. That Shift-Tab combo also works within data entry fields globally so it applies in your browser, in iTunes song info, etc.

    Another trick is the Control key. I found this by accident. If you hold down Control and scroll up, or counter-clockwise, you can magnify what's on the screen and use the mouse to move around. It gets pixelated of course but it helps when there are some things that are hard to make out. Yet another handy trick within browsers is to control the text size on a page. If you press + or –, you can increase or decrease text size on a page (or tab) at will.

    I have a stand for my laptop and I use one of the new thin keyboards and a Kensington expert mouse. This keeps the wear down on the machine and makes for a much more comfortable viewing angle not to mention added ventilation. A few months ago I went to iFixit (I know, the 'i' thing is killing me too) and did some DIY upgrades to my laptop. I replaced the optical drive (couldn't burn discs for over a year!) and upgraded the RAM to 2GB. It was WAY less than what Tekserve would've asked and I even got to get in there and clean it out a bit. It was fun to see the inside of the thing. So now with the upgrades, it's almost a new computer and likely good for another 4 or 5 years of solid service.

    I think I'm gonna get an iMac one of these days. The new ones are sexy. I wanted to get a Mac Pro but the price and the overkill factor has kept me away. So yeah, probably an iMac and a Macbook Pro at some point. We'll see how they stack up to my trusty Powerbook.
  16. TrooperFarva


    Nov 25, 2004
    New City, NY
    The hardware is not identical. Just because they now share a common architecture, does not make the hardware identical. Are the motherboards in eMachines the same as in an Alienware PC? Not even close. They're based on the same architecture, and perform the same function, but to say that they're the same is ridiculous. Not to mention batteries, hard drives, RAM, etc.

    Again, how is it that you can make these 2 statements. "As long as it works." It didn't work, it gave out, and you admit that it was a common problem in first gen macbooks.

    I really don't have a dog in this fight, like I said, I own both, but in my experience, Mac owners rave about how they think the OS is better, and tend to gloss over all the other problems they have.
  17. Ok, how does this sound. I have used both.
    Problems that I have had on both.
    -hard drive failure

    Problems that I have only had on windows based machine
    -multiple freezings
    -OS crash
    -hard software upgrades
    -random shutdowns
    -viruses (on a fully protected machine)
    -spyware (fully protected again)

    Problems that I have only had on a OSX based machine

    That is why I use a mac and that is why I will rave about them. Also, this is on similar priced/speced machines. If the only problem that I have in two years is a hard drive failure, I am quite happy and my mac has provided me with this. The only problem that I have EVER had with my mac was the hard drive failure.

    "as long as it works" refers to the OS, it just works, you can not argue with that. It does, flat out. Vista? Not a chance.

  18. I don't deny for a moment a bias in favor of Mac, with a fresh Macbook PRO 15 in the house (pardon my use of slang to the originators). Mac kicks butt, but as a professional researcher/writer (who is often in dispute here, on the rare occasion in which I post) even Windows runs better on a Mac, with various applications (DW, FM, AB, and so forth). Let the readers understand...
  19. I had a Quadra 605 back in the day. I just got an ancient, toilet seat looking iBook G3/300, OS9. I'm fixin' to DBAN it's arse, and install Linux.
  20. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    You really like to split hairs don't you? Or maybe just to argue for the sake of arguing. :rolleyes:

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