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Who else plays a Hofner, besides, you know, that guy.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by corinpills, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Somebody was trying to convince me that Hofners are crap because nobody but McCartney ever uses them. I love them, of course, so it didn't bug me. I said that I felt that Paul is so strongly identified with that bass that most players find themselves paying homage to him whenever they play one. I certainly encountered a lot of them in recording studios before I bought one and I've seen lots of indie rockers use them in clubs. Anyway, who else uses Hofners? studio or stage, I came up with

    Curt Smith (Tears For Fears)
    Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads)
    That dude (Medeski, Martin & Wood)
    Paul Weller has one in his studio
    Oasis (no big surprise there)
    Will Lee
    Graham Maby (from Joe Jackson's band)
    Billy Sheehan has one
    Robbie Shakespear had one
    Aston Barrett had one
    Tom Petty has one and uses it a lot

    who else?
  2. Chris Wood:)

    Stu Sutcliffe
  3. ArwinH

    ArwinH run rabbit run

    Dec 1, 2005
    Southern California
    John Stirrat with wilco
    The bassist from Paul Revere and the Raiders.
  4. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Oh yeah, I forgot about Fang! My Mom keeps trying to convince me that Paul Revere & the Raiders were bigger than the Beatles in the 60s. I think it was jut at her house.

    I found a great photo of robbie shakespear playing one
  5. Do you have a link? I think Flabba Holt may have played a Hofner at one point as well.

    Did Mike Rutherford ever play a Hofner?
  6. momo


    Oct 22, 2005
    Huntington Beach, CA
    They are up there with the airline guitars that are worth bank now because of jack white. Some stuff sounds good in context because of it's very crappiness. I think the spirit of the hofner sound lies more in the $200 china import than the new $2k hand crafted insturments. I would love to have that sound in my arsenal, I just don't think I need to spend that much to get it.

    Just my .02.
  7. i thought the oasis guy played gretsch...oh well

    anyways, i believe the bon jovi bass player has one...
  8. Hutch Hutchinson (Bonnie Raitt, CSN, Brian Wilson) owns '61 and '63 500/1s and a 500/4 like the one Stu Sutcliffe played.

    Mike Elizondo (Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow)

    The cat who plays with Nora Jones has a Hofner Club Bass.
  9. he uses a Gibson Bison (sp?) he also used to use a Ric. At least that's to my knowledge
  10. ArwinH

    ArwinH run rabbit run

    Dec 1, 2005
    Southern California
    Also, Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick, Lee Sklar, Bob Glaub....etc.
  11. here is jack daley with lenny kravitz
  12. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Momo, I keep seeing your same .02 about these basses (there has been an unusual amount of violin bass threads, though) and I have to wonder if you've ever actually owned a Hofner. I have a 1967 500/1 and it's miles beyond any of the cheapo copies. In fact, I've very much found your statement about the spirit of the Hofner sound to be untrue. I think most people would be very happy if they could get the real deal for $200 instead of paying $2,000, but most of the copies just look like a violin bass (which is fine). I kind of have to take issue with you using the term crappy to describe my absolute favorite bass sound in the world. Airline guitars are cool and they were a little trendy for a few minutes there, but Hofner basses are total classics and have been for about 40 years. They instantly produce a totally classic bass sound that anchors a mix like no other instrument.

    So, what's the deal? have you ever owned one or recorded with one or are your opinions based on experience beyond a music store or what?
  13. rockdoc11


    Sep 2, 2000
    Fang (bassist with Paul Revere and the Raiders in the 1960s) played a Vox Phantom (five sided) bass, not a Hofner "Beatle bass."

  14. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    Fang (Phil Volk) used a Hofner 500/2 "Club" bass when he wasn't using his white Vox Phantom IV. But it was a Hofner just the same.

  15. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    That guy?!

    Jaco played a Hofner?!

  16. ytsebri


    Sep 1, 2000
    I think he's (Momo) referring to the fact that Hofners became popular because of McC. The only reason he actually played them because they were the "cheap" German bass he could get at the time as he couldn't afford the pricey imports like Fender and Ric. Also, McC went to Rickenbacker when he could and that was one of the bigger Beatles bass sounds. I think he means that the $200 knock offs are more in the spirit of the "play what you can afford" approach of McC in the early days. Most people agree that they were cheaply made basses for their day, but because of the odd construction, they have a signature sound. The whole Airline reference is that without McC's introduction and use of these "cheap" basses, every bass player today wouldn't either a) know or b) care about Hofner.
  17. iamthebassman


    Feb 24, 2004
    Endorsing Artist: Phantom Guitars, Eastwood Guitars

    And by Gibson, you mean Burns.
  18. bigtexashonk

    bigtexashonk Supporting Member

    Me. <g>

    I understand Macca bought his original Hofner because it was cheap and symetrical for left handed use. Yes, I'm greatly influenced by Paul and probably wouldn't own one if Paul hadn't.

    BUT ...

    What Paul did with that cheap little Hofner is essentially invent Rock & Roll bass playing. I love the tone he got and as George Martin has said, he rarely had to do anything but stick a mic in front of Paul's cab and the sound was there. I'm sure much of the credit goes to Paul's hands and gray matter.

    I can approximate Paul's Beatle tone with my '65 and it looks very cool to my eyes.

    Just strapping the Hofner on makes me feel good! It might all be in my head, but that's where it is most of the time anyway.
  19. Theres only one I can think of - that guy out of the Bee Gees plays a black 500/1...(or used to...)

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    Hugh MacDonald is endorsed by Hofner.

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