Who here is the Nordstrand Contact?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by DaveCustomMade, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. I was wondering who on here is the Nordstrand contact, or rather a talkbass member that works for Nordstrand.

    Reason why I ask is that I sent an email with a question about a certain look for a 6 string that I'm looking for, and they are one of the luthiers I'm considering.

    If your a Nordstrand person, my email name is orion_vtol.

  2. In those times, I heard that Carey Nordstrand is more than busy with his pickups business, that become crazy and exceeds all his expectations.
    So perhaps theses times, he put aside bass (doing 2 a month!)
    And concentrate on pickups, for the moment!!

    Read that!

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    Indeed! :smug: Thanks SMASH. DaveCustomMade....I think that I was who you had talked to concerning having a custom built. If you contacted Carey directly, it might take a few days for him to get back to you (that's why I'm here! ;) ) He's extremely busy with the pickup business right now and is in the process of trying to get a few basses finished of so that he can get started on the next batch. Give me a call and/or shoot me an e-mail and I would be more than happy to answer your questions about a Nordstrand 6-string.
  5. I'm dealing with Carey right now on some custom pickups and he's very busy. That said, he does get back to me and I must say that this being only my first dealing with him, I am already very impressed. He seems very easy going and pleasant to work with.
  6. JPJ, I have sent you an email of what I'm looking for. Thank you! :)

    I'm just after a certain look. Sound wise, I hear that Nordstrand basses, with the dual coil, are some of the best sounding basses out there.

    But I have been in contact with a couple other luthiers as well, and am even toying with the idea of just doing another Warmoth Gecko bass, using Bart pickups and preamps. That route would save me about a grand, but going the luthier route would insure me a better bass, and one that is put together with certainty.

    The main thing is that if I'm going to be spending a good amount of money, I'd better get what I'm really wanting.
  7. Not sure if this picture will show up correctly or not, but here's the look I'm after. Roughly:

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    You guys need to leave Carey alone. He can't be bothered with some silly request to make a bass. He needs to be left alone so he can focus his attention on getting the new NJ4SV pickups done.


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    Well I want one in like 5-7 years. :) Should I contact him now, or...? ;)