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  1. 20160702_162616.jpg
    The Original Custom Shop Rumble Bass 300 amp, this one is a 1997 amp, don't know about the cabs yet. I will be emailing Fender either later tonight or on Monday.. about the cabs.. I will be asking about how my sets were made and what not..
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    Jul 19, 2012
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    :woot: WOOT! :woot: :cool: Rumble On! :cool: :hyper: :bassist: drool
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  3. Nothing like a lil bit of Fender Custom Shop amp and cab goodness.. this is the first full set I have ever seen! As it was meant to be!
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  4. This I didn't know.. but more knowledge is awesome!!
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    Jul 19, 2012
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    I also believe that Bruce Zinky was the design genius of the much vaunted and highly regarded Fender Studio Bass Amp.
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  6. Here is another pic of the amp!
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  7. Well my first email to Fender has already been responded to.. and I should hear more by Tuesday. Upon which then I will send them some more pics..
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  8. G-Dog

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    Feb 12, 2016
    Congratulations, @99Z3! That's an awesome rig. Obviously, the precursor to the Super Bassman!
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  9. Thank you G-Dog.. yes.. that is my impression when I look at it! I have the SB300 and the SVT-CL (which is for sale)
    It has the original tubes in it (Fender branded) and I will be keeping those when I retube it.
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  10. Just found this lil tid bit, but I am not sure that the build years are totally correct, it is my understanding that it is 1995-1997.
    Fender Rumble Bass | Ampwares
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    Jul 19, 2012
    Linningrad, Earth
    That site contains a lot of misinformation, so I wouldn't trust their dates. FMIC will give you the true story on Tuesday. Then we'll all know for sure. ;)
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  12. Yes,

    I noticed that a few things that might be wrong, but I also feel that folks should know first hand whom does or does not provide quality information!
    Like here on TB, I am always trying to find the quality stuff from other members.
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  13. Have played one of these many times. Beautiful amp. Made any bass sound good.
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  14. Ok.. pulled one of the "Sub" cabs speakers out. Oh.. didn't mention that to you all before.. Yes, the top cab is a full range cab with a horn with a three position switch (Off, Norm, Bright) and the bottom cab is a 410 sub cab.

    Ok.. back the sub cab.. so I pulled one of the speakers.


    And the only writing I saw was on the back of the paper its self.. which was

    451044 12
    I could not make out exactly what that last mark was.
  15. From what I have been digging about on with this amp and cabs, that it appears that quite a few of them made it overseas!
  16. Did you happen to have the cabs with the amp back then when you used it?
  17. Hey mate, didn't actually own it. A local guitar shop had one which I used to frequent a lot, was there for ages and the only bass amp they had to try effects and basses on. It was always too expensive for my amp budget. Around $3500 AUD.

    It had the 410 cabinet.
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  18. I am going to presume then that it was the full range speaker cab that was with it then.
  19. Also, these are sealed cabs. The Sub cab is rated at 600 watts.
  20. Ok.. the other speaker cab (full range)
    This speaker had a sticker on the side of the magnet.

    But the speaker its self had this on it.
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