Who is your favourite BLUES Bass Player?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Greg Hagger, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Greg Hagger

    Greg Hagger

    Dec 1, 2018
    I’m really interested in hearing who your favourite blues bass player is.

    Bass players often get overlooked for the more famous guitarists or singers in Blues so it would be great if any one can come up with the lesser known ones as well.

    I am planning a bass video course with a mixture of history and how to play Blues, and am interested in bass players right back from the upright players of the Chicago scene onwards.

    Thanks in advanced for your feedback and if there is anything aside from the obvious that might be good in the course then please let me know.
  2. Willie Dixon

    Jack Myers-Buddy Guy and Junior Wells

    Tommy Shannon-SRV & Double Trouble
  3. TheDirtyLowDown


    Mar 8, 2014
    It's so hard to name just one. Lately I really like the stuff I hear Michael Rhodes playing with Joe Bonamassa:

  4. Ryno1330


    Jan 14, 2020
    Have you seen his bio? He's so accomplished and so good. Always in the pocket and never too flashy. I really liked Carmine Rojas when he played for Joe B also.
  5. JTE

    JTE Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2008
    Central Illinois, USA
    Keith Ferguson, original bassist with The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

    Johnny B. Gayden, most known for working with Albert Collins.

    Billy Rich, on Paul Butterfield's Better Days.

    Richard Cousins, long-time bassist with Robert Cray.
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  6. 2saddleslab

    2saddleslab Supporting Member

    May 30, 2003
    Willie Dixon, Tommy Shannon, Dusty Hill.

    But my biggest influence was Keith Ferguson. His work w/ The Fabulous Thunderbirds alone is a blues bass tour de force.
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  7. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    I've had the Better Days album since it was new, great bass player, the whole band was unbelievable.
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  8. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    Willie Dixon wrote the book on blues bass, I would have to say that Duck Dunn is my favorite electric blues bassist. Calvin Fuzz Jones was good, Charles Calmese was another one i liked, played with Cotton during the early 70's.
  9. Playbyear


    Nov 20, 2019
    Do they have be blues only?
    Nathan East is a good as it gets when he’s playing blues.
  10. JTE

    JTE Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2008
    Central Illinois, USA
    You mean Calvin "Fuzzy Samuels?
  11. Michedelic

    Michedelic MId-Century Modern

    Willie Dixon, in spite of being an upright player, is, as the Brits say, the Guv’nor(for all electric players that followed). However, Jack Myers seems to be the first substantial electric blues bass player, historically. I admired Johnny B. Gayden(with Albert Collins)for injecting some modernity into the bedrock time honored moves, but before that, Jerry Jemmott, known more as an R&B/soul player, did the same thing on BB King’s “Completely Well” album, featuring The Thrill Is Gone. That left an impression on me, but also in that time period was the work of Electric Flag/Super Session bassist Harvey Brooks, and Canned Heat’s Larry Taylor, which I got a lot out of. Jerome Arnold of the earlier Paul Butterfield Blues Band, as well.
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  12. Ryno1330


    Jan 14, 2020
    This was another of my favorites that came to mind but didn't know how to classify him since he plays so many other styles more than blues. But anything he touches is killer.
  13. Playbyear


    Nov 20, 2019
    Willie Weeks is another big time blues bassist.
  14. andawun


    Jul 13, 2009
    Tommy Shannon.
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  15. 2F/2F

    2F/2F Supporting Member

    May 26, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    Pretty hard to consider anyone but Willie Dixon at the number one spot. He was so intensely influential and creative.

    When it comes to electric bassists, there aren't a whole bunch who I love in the "strictly blues" genre. Most of my top electric players played in the more broad category of "R&B" (which basically just means music whose target audience was the African-American community: soul, funk, black pop, blues, some disco, electronic, dance, rap, hip hop, etc.).
  16. sheltjo6

    sheltjo6 Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2012
    Tommy Shannon.
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  17. SMG

    SMG Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2000
    metro Detroit
    Willie Dixon
  18. roller

    roller Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    I saw Greg Rzab play with Buddy Guy decades ago... killer show... Rzab was everything you could want in that type of scenario. Bravo!
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  19. Thumpin6string

    Thumpin6string Supporting Member

    Apr 25, 2013
    Shoals Indiana
    Since Clapton is considered blues, how about Jack Bruce or later on before Clapton quit touring, Nathan East?
  20. Bruiser Stone

    Bruiser Stone Supporting Member

    Dec 7, 2017
    Dayton, Tennessee
    Mars Cowling