Who Makes A Good Quality P-bass or Tele-bass

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  1. well it's all there in the thread title.
    So who makes a good P-Bass Replica or not
    or Tele-Bass
    I've thought about
    SX (but i'm not sure about the import price)
    and then my mind went blank and I couldn't think of other manufacturors that make P-Bass replicas, so who have I missed and lets just throw a budget in there, £150-£700. £900 being the maximum for outstanding basses, aka Steve Harris Signature.
    I Know Sadowsky and Lakland are probably above those price ranges, I was looking for the prices and noticed that on the lakland site and figured the same for sadowsky

    Thanks In Advance
  2. going to say fender make a good P..just cos.
    at your price range check out the Mexi P basses, sorry didnt see the price criteria in your post
  3. For 900£ you could probably get a Sandberg California P. I haven't played their P's but I own a JM which is just incredible.
  4. g&l sb-1 or sb-2 sell for ~$600 used. and its a leo design!
  5. +100000000
  6. to add to your list,peavey,and esp

    +1 on the fender, if you want a pbass just go for the original
  7. The '08 Fender Am Std P is awesome! plays & feels great!

    With Fender it's best to play the one you'll be buying,
    there overall build quality is just average to slightly above average...
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    the fender classic 50 p bass is a real good bass.
    not expensive, great sound, good looking, easy to play, a winner and a keeper for me.