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Who Makes This?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by ZenG, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Who makes this A-string add-on string guide and where do you get them?

    Do they come in different diameters?

  2. charlie monroe

    charlie monroe Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    It's a Fender part. They call it stealth.
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  3. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Not sure if they still make them, but they've always been hard to come by as a part.
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  4. charlie monroe

    charlie monroe Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    I wonder if you could adapt a ring terminal from Radio Shack?
  5. Dale Griffith

    Dale Griffith Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2016
    Available on Amazon. Search for "stealth string retainer".
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  6. inanimate_carb


    Aug 11, 2016
    Bear in mind that these only work with tuners that have hex key bushings that tighten into the face of the headstock. They don't work with standard press-in bushings.
  7. Yup. There they are on Amazon for about 21 bucks US.

    But...Amazon.com does not ship to Canada. Nothing on EBay.ca or Amazon.ca.

  8. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Yep. Specifically designed to use on the American Std/Dlx/Elite/Whatever they're called now. They're basically a modified washer. I've thought about adding one to mine but I'm not sure if I'd be "fixing" a problem I don't really have. Between the number of string turns and the fact that it's pretty snug in the nut, I probably wouldn't bother with one unless I was planning to use a very light gauge "A"...but even then I don't seem to have an issue with the break angle. Cool bit of hardware, though.
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  9. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Try Darren Riley:

    Fender parts
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  10. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

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  11. bassplayertom77


    Sep 24, 2008
    What's the purpose of this?
  12. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Lots of folks have long complained that Fender should have a retainer on the "A", as it could stand to use a bit more break angle. This device solves that by fitting under the tuner nut, as opposed to drilling for a new one. It can be used on the B, E or A string.
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  13. Dale Griffith

    Dale Griffith Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2016
    No Amazon? I couldn't cope.

    Actually, I didn't realize you're in Canada.
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  14. Well...for me I have Hipshot Ultralite tuners on a bass. Now these tuners are straight up and down with no "hourglass" cut in them.

    So they're not that great at keeping a string way down low on the post.

    I could use a string tree on my A-string...maybe the E too. Not enough bend on these strings for my liking.

    Then again I don't know if the Fender "stealths" are the same diameter as the Hipshots or not.

    I overwound my E and A to help it out, but as you can see there's some slack in the A.

  15. Fender Stealth String Retainer for Bass 0078972049

    o.k....so this site shows the 'stealths' as 17mm inside diameter. Hipshot post looks a fair bit smaller. Might have to take the HS apart, have a look at the inside and see if it's doable somehow.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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  16. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Maybe try emailing Darren Reilly and seeing if they can measure the inside diameter for you? They were pretty accommodating for me on a particular order and they are a pretty big Fender parts dealer...couldn't hurt?
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  17. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Actually might not be an issue if the stealth is a tiny bit bigger. You'd be locking it down between the nut anyway. I might be totally off base with that theory.

    (In my previous post I misread as your tuners had a 17 diameter)
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  18. Skeezix


    Sep 28, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    Most terminal lugs come straight out, not offset.
    Most are made from softer metal that would bend
    quite easily and really accomplish nothing.
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  19. 96tbird

    96tbird PLEASE STAND BY Supporting Member

    You need to load that A tuner from top of the slot or higher to bottom with wraps and problem gone. The wraps will hold it in place. I usually trim only a couple inches off the end of the A and have five full wraps on the post. The string is pressed right down to the bushing. Even with straight posts, the wraps afford enough mechanical resistance to prevent the string slipping up the post.

    As you do this you need to mold the wraps into compliance so it all ends up holding the string at the bottom with NO space between wraps. A bit of a job (like 5 minutes tops) but worth it unless you are the type that likes complaining.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
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  20. Agreed. But you'll notice in the pic that the E and A are actually sitting currently at the bottom of the post.

    Even at the bottom of the post there is not enough bend in the A and not quite enough on the E. ( At least for my preferences).

    The idea behind an additional string tree of type was to put it slightly further ahead of the post to pull the strings down a bit more.

    I think the "stealth" would do that...at least on the A anyway.

    Little bit leery of drilling additional holes in the headstock. Get the pressure point wrong and it might snap or crack.

    I also want it to "look" good.

    Probably wouldn't be an issue if the headstock was the "angled' type. But it isn't.

    Anyway with that many wraps on (4 or more) it is insanely finicky to tension the string with even tension/friction on the string wraps up to the top of the post.

    Pain in the butt. And all mine took longer than five minutes per post. Except for the D and G...but those have a string tree.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017