Who plays a Ric without a pick?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kenzy, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. And how does that go for you? The playing a Ric without a pick, I mean.
  2. Goes great. Even better since I removed the pickup cover. That bridge pickup is right where my hand naturally wants to go. I do dig in with fingernails a bit.

    Lots of people play fingerstyle with the cover still on, though. I did for a while and almost got used to it. Al Cisneros does:

    Notice in the video where his right wrist lays on the body; that's pretty much how I was doing it. Now my wrist is over right above the bridge pickup.
  3. Floyd Eye

    Floyd Eye Inactive

    Feb 21, 2010
    St. Louis
    I use my fingers where it is appropriate and a pick where it is appropriate. I personally prefer the attack I get with a nice thick pick, but I am in a cover band so I play what fits the song.
  4. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    Westchester, NY
    Pretty much exactly this, and it works out great!
  5. Tom Howland

    Tom Howland Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2003

    I use both.
    Pick for that McCartney Beatle tone.
    Fingers for a more mellow vintage tone.
    String my Ric with TI-JF344-flats.
  6. I haven't used a pick yet on my RIC. I'm not against it just have been a finger style player for so long. I do use round wounds.
  7. gidbass

    gidbass Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Finger style only here, and I recently put my pickup cover back on.

    Good Luck!
  8. Bert Slide

    Bert Slide

    May 16, 2012
    Louisville KY
    I play without a pick and haven't removed the pickguard. It just looks too cool on my vintage 4001. I rest my pinky on it and use mostly a floating thumb but sometimes use the top of the pickguard for an anchor.
  9. greggster59


    Oct 31, 2006
    New Jersey
    I only play fingerstyle. On my Ric I use TI Jazz Flats. They have a nice percussive thump with the tone control set a little below balanced and a bit more volume in the neck pup.

    I have no problem getting the mids and highs a Ric can put out when I crank the treble and/or turn on the vintage circuit. Its not a gritty Rotosound tone like Chris Squire has but it cuts through the mix nicely.
  10. It's good to hear this side of things. I hear a lot about how fabulous Rics are for people who play with a pick but, until this point, I never really heard praise from fingerstyle players, ya know?
  11. I was at a show recently and saw a bassist playing a RIC fingerstyle with flats. Potential for great tone, but the back line rig was an ampeg combo through an extension cab and I'm assuming it was DI'ed to the FOH and the sound man had zero idea what he was doing. The bass sounded like nasaly clicking in the monitors. I felt bad for the guy because his playing was great and the sound man ruined it.
  12. lyla1953


    Jul 18, 2012
    Use to using my fingers so thats what I do...4003 with pu cover off....pu bezel with raised thumb rest ..... round wounds....
    Life is good!
  13. Stephent28

    Stephent28 Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2005
    C470, CO
    Back in the 70's and 80's I was 100% pick.
    Now I play about 85% fingers and 15% pic but it really depends on the song.
  14. willsellout

    willsellout I apologize in advance. Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2002
    Fort Wayne, IN
    I use mostly fingers.
  15. Oh! Fingerpluckers, I forgot to ask what strings you've got on, though some of you mentioned it already.
  16. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
    I play a stock '80 4001 with fingers.
    Wish I could play with a pick, but never got it down very well.
    Cover on and strung with RotoSound Swing 66. Last strung in '87. Nice, dead rounds!
  17. gidbass

    gidbass Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Rotosound 55's. Just recently switched from TI Jazz flats.
  18. Korladis

    Korladis Inactive

    I play my ~1975 Ric 4001 with my fingers much of the time.

    I'm using fingerstyle on both these Dylan covers:

    Haven't taken the pickup cover off, and I don't intend to. I've got D'Addario XL's on that bass.
  19. tinman 1967

    tinman 1967

    Mar 6, 2010
    I use no pick with my Rick,.... although I did buy it from Pick of the Ricks, maybe I was supposed to Get a special Pick for my Rick from them? I can pick many different things,... My friends, my nose, my seat...... But I cannot seem to pick my Rick ,.. Or My friends Rick....... Or his nose....

    No pick for me!:smug:
  20. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru..........

    Apr 11, 2006
    Out there!
    I primarily play my Ricks fingerstyle but the pick does come out depending on the need.

    BTW, how does one play a corporation (RIC) with a pick or fingers? :meh: :D

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