Who was in Memphis, Tennessee for IBC (International Blues Challenge)?

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  1. Hey everyone,
    My brother and I we're over the border in Memphis, Tennessee last week competing in the International Blues Challenge (he was in solo/duo competition, I was just a roadie/photographer).

    I thought I'd start a thread for fun asking who all made it down so we could discuss our favourite acts, best venues, best late night jams, sexy instrument spottings and which motels to never ever go back to haha!

    Also, this was my first time at IBC, what's everyone think of the event in general? Opinions on the winners?

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    I was! I was! I was with the JL Fulks band from South Florida. We made it to the semi-finals at Rum Boogie. Was a great week, lots of fun talking with all the musicians there and of course hanging out on Beale Street!
  3. Rum Boogie was exactly where I saw you guys play actually!! Did you stick around for the finals at the Orpheum on Saturday? What an incredible venue!
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    Not this year but I went in 2009. Interesting story how I got there. Well, I hope that it's interesting. :unsure: My own band had a gig the night of our local IBC Blues competition, so I couldn't play in the band in which I was a sideman (and who competed that same night). The bass player they had lined up to fill in for me bailed at the last moment, so their keyboard player covered the bass lines. No worries, it was the late, great Jay Spell on keys.

    Much to my surprise, they won the local competition. Since they still needed a bass player and I was a regular part of the band, I was asked to go to Memphis with them. We didn't win out of our venue but it was good times, nonetheless. An experience money can't buy. My favorite memory was being able to walk down the middle of Beale Street with a beer in my hand. :)

    Edit: No pics, no IBC.



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  5. great story @blowinblue ! and it sounds like we have a "favourite memory" in common haha! I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to play because it was my brother, Jay Pollmann, who made the solo showcase, but that meant I could tag along and be full time photographer and drinkin' partner :D

    ^ pre-set warm up in the greasiest motel 6 known to mankind

    ^ Jay playing the Orpheum Juke

    ^ and of course the mandatory "drunk hosers on Beale Street" shot

    hahah! what a great little celebration of blues music!

    Edit: because no pics, no IBC ;P
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