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Who watched the NBA All Star Game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by John K., Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Well, All Star Weekend has come and gone, and this years best just played one of the (IMO) coolest games ever. Not only was it Jordan's last All Star game, it was the first one to ever have to go to double overtime. I thought Jordan's last bucket at the end of the 1st overtime was it. I went crazy seeing him sink that shot. It was so smooth and was the perfect, classic Jordan fade-away shot. I was rooting for the East to win the whole time, cause all my favorite players are over there (Jordan, McGrady, and Iverson). Gotta give credit where it's due though, the West just had too much size on their team. Shaq, Yao, AND Garnett?!? The biggest guy on the East was Ben Wallace, who is strong, but can't even compete with Shaq, nevermind Yao and Garnett, too.

    And how bout that Slam Dunk competition? Holy crap! Desmond Mason and Jason Richardson were amazing. What Richardson did with that behind-and-through the legs thing was crazy. I literally jumped out of my seat and screamed when I saw that, it just looked inhuman!

    And of course the 3 point competition, well, of course Peja Stoijakovich was gonna win, that guy is a shooting machine.

    It was cool to see Dominique Wilkins play against Magic Johnson in that WBA/NBA team 3 on 3 game. Dominique still has hops that's for sure.

    But of course the story of the weekend was MJ and his last All Star Game. That really saddens me cause it just reminds me how small of a time is left to watch him play. I grew up watching him and watched him make some of the greatest plays in the history of the NBA. It's really too bad he's decided to retire once and for all. :(


    Thoughts and comments?

    And if you havn't noticed, I love basketball!
  2. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Unlike the NFL, for some reason the NBA has lost notariety in the main media circles.

    This was the 1st NBA All Star game on cable. (which I don't have)
    The fact that it was on cable, is more disturbing. The NBA used to be a pretty popular sports staple, and it has faded somewhat.

    I think it's too many teams, and marginal talent thru-out the league. A similar fate is currently shared by ML baseball. Plus a long and arduous playoff season, 80+ games a season. It gets long, unless you are a total fan.

    Plus officiating for the stars gets tiresome too.

    Overall, I like pro-basketball, but I prefer drama, as well as athletecism, but I was a real fan during the Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" era. And the prior bitter rivalry with the Boston Celtics (Bird, McHale, Chief, and Ainge).

    There's a few playoff re-matches here and there, but no real brutal rivalry things going on.

    Not like the late 80's-early 90's Detroit-Chicago rivalry either. You have to get people interested, not just the fans.