Who's AC adapters work with what?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Clinks, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Clinks


    Apr 10, 2012
    Fort Drum, NY
    Hi everybody,

    My name is Matt. I'm a green (rookie) bass player, still trying to learn the ropes. Yesterday I bought an Ashdown Dual Band Compressor pedal. So, I get to my buddy's place, connect my basics (bass, amp, and tuner [Hardware chromatic]) so I can tune my bass in case it came out of tune during transport. When I was done tuning, I wanted to see if by some chance my adapter could power my new Comp. And what do you know, it did.

    I just wanted to know what unexpected brands of adapters work with what brands of pedals?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Clinks


    Apr 10, 2012
    Fort Drum, NY
    The adapter model was PS200R, also used to power my DigiTech OD/Dist as wall as their BP90.
  3. If you're asking about 9VDC power supplies - I just use a 1Spot with it's adapters on all my gear.


  4. It really has nothing to do with brands at all. Any 9vDC power supply can power any 9vDC pedal, regardless of brand. Just make sure that the voltages are the same, and that the power supply puts out enough mA to satisfy what the pedal needs.

  5. I say that's mostly true. But there are some that are dirtier than others and some are only half-wave rectified or whatever.

    Be careful of some that are just an AC low voltage unit too.

    In particular, there are some wireless telephone wall warts that are just fine for this service - and some are not as good and some may even damage your gear.

    But - I'd almost categorically say that if a power supply like 1Spot is sold as a universal power supply, and their attorneys are OK with that advertisement, then I'd say use it with no fear.
  6. bongomania

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    Here are the relevant factors:

    AC or DC from the output;
    Voltage output;
    Polarity of the barrel plug;
    Size of the barrel plug;
    Is the mA rating equal or greater than the mA draw of the pedal;
    Is the supply regulated.

    It never has anything to do with the brand. For example, even though Boss is the standard, a Boss PSA (9 vdc regulated) supply will not work with a Boss ACA (12 vdc unregulated) pedal.
  7. Clinks


    Apr 10, 2012
    Fort Drum, NY
    The reason I mentioned brand is because in just about everything else, a lot of manufacturers make these types of things different. I guess so you can only use it on their products / so you gotta buy their ****. Perfect example; on iPod and a Zune - both charging cables look exactly the same, but they're maybe .5mm or 1/32" different (I can't remember which is smaller). I figured pedal makers were that anal about adapters, too.

    Thanks, guys.
  8. Rockman


    Mar 2, 2006
    The thing is with the Apple connector is that its just a shape. There is nothing special about the connector, you could hard with it yourself if you were so inclined to map out the connections. All phones now are Micro USB charger, with the exception of Apple because they are so special. The thing is the connector does not really matter and thats why a lot of effect companies use the same power supply, because if they didn't users would not buy their product.

    As mentioned before the real important factors of a supply are the Voltage rating (magnitude/ac/dc) and maximum power. That is of course if you are like me and have no problem exchanging connectors. I had a center positive 9V supply and made it a center negative supply in about 5 minutes. What took me the longest was finding my shrink wrap.
  9. ..............and many are concerned with having a power supply with too much 'power'

    Just because a particular pedal/effect only requires .2 amps, does not mean that a power supply that is capable of 2 amps is wrong. I've met a few 'performers' who insist that having more capacity will destroy their gear.

    Bah. They also believe that wood makes a difference too.

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