Who's good in Boston?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by eight0eight, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. eight0eight


    May 31, 2009
    Boston MA
    Just ignore me if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm looking to mod an old Ibanez SR1305PM with new pickups and probably a new preamp. I'm looking for a good shop or someone independent but experienced that can help me with this. I don't want to trust GC with an instrument I love. Any advice from you guys on Pickups that would fit without body mods would be helpful as well.
  2. southshoreconor


    Oct 30, 2007
    The Road
    Endorsing Artist: Fender Musical Instruments, SIT strings
    *shameless plug* a few friends of mine started this company - www.ventureguitars.com they're just outside of boston, but the work they've done so far is incredible. they could certainly help you out, but for a pup/pre replacement i think any compitent tech will do a good job.
  3. Stop by our shop (Daddy's Junky Music) on Mass Ave. Our repair shop is great, and we can order virtually any pickups you need (except Nordstrand or Lindy's... unfortunatly). Our techs are fantastic! I've had them mod quite a few basses over the years.

    So what kind of PU's are you planning on dropping in there?
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