Who's on bass?

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  1. OK, ever had doubts about who played where?? Let's do this and help each other out:

    For starters:

    Who played bass on Jeffrey Osbourne's "Stay With Me Tonight" back in the mid-eighties?

    Who played bass for Heatwave, of "Boogie Nights" fame (1974??)?

    Who is Jack'O'Pierce bassist? (Ever heard "Six-Page Letter"??)

    Who was Ready For The World's bassist? (Remember Oh, Sheila?)
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    "Stay With Me Tonight" is Alphonso Johnson.

    "Boogie Nights" is Rod Temperton(synth bass). ;)
    (Mario Mantese was actually playing electric bass with Heatwave in this time frame..."Mind Blowing Decisions", "Party Poops", & "Happiness Togetherness", all from Central Heating, are nice examples of what he can do).
    BTW, wasn't this tune from '76? I recall being a college freshman when this song was big...

    I remember "Oh, Sheila"...don't remember who played the popping bass part(Brad will know).
  3. But Gym Craze, I have listened closely to "Boogie Nights" and at both the beginning and end of the song I can clearly hear a bass guitar, not a synth bass...and it's a wicked progession; I love it.

    Kudos to Alphonso Johnson for that Osborne bassline. That slap-pop routine IS the song...so darn funky.

    New BabeGazer :p :D

    PS: Who could forget "Oh Sheila" with the unmistakeable sounds of ... uh, nevermind.
  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Darn, you're right-
    There is that swingin' bass part at both the intro & outro to "Boogie Nights"-
    It goes like this(all 1/8th notes SWUNG)


    The 1st note("E") is played at the 14th fret/D-string...everything is played up there & it all falls nicely in a pentatonic-sorta way. ;)

    "Oh, Sheila" sounds like a Prince/The Time production...is it George Nelson Rogers(or is it George Rogers Nelson)on bass?