Why are cars so bloody expensive?

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  1. So I just finished watching Jeremy Clarkson's Thriller where they feature a chase between a mini one and a fiat 500. So I thought, hey, maybe one of those would be cheap enough for me to buy as a first car. (I'm 19 and a student). So I just looked them up on the internet. Guess what? The fiat 500 costs at least 13300 euros. What the bloody hell?!? But it gets better, the mini one costs a staggering 17855 euros!!!!! And this is all without insurance and all the other crap you need. So then I tried to find them second hand. Cheapest fiat 500 I could find cost just under ten grand and the cheapest mini one around 14 grand. I mean, aren't we having some sort of recession where everything's supposed to be cheaper because people need to get rid of things?:mad:
  2. OptimusPrime


    Mar 30, 2008
    Yep. Cars are expensive as hell. I'm trying to buy a new car right now. Trying to get out of my '97 Acura TL and into something that will last me through college (5 years). I'm looking to get a Subaru WRX Sti. Like $16000 for an '06. Sick cars though. 300Hp and AWD.
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    You should have watched the episode where they buy a car in London for £1 and drive it to Manchester. Then you would think that cars are cheap (thats about $2US for you non-English people).
  4. A quick glance here for that car: 19500 euros.:atoz: And that's second hand.
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    You don't have to go baller for your first car.
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    C'mon, you are just 19, just buy and old piece of S. and enjoy it, around here you can buy an used Ford fiesta in fairly good condition for less than 1000 euros.
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    I like turtles.

    Don't buy a car which has come out in the past couple of years. You want something which is at least 5 or 6 years old.
  8. Hi.

    Forget extending Your manhood and buy an used old POS like suggested instead.

    WAY cheaper in the long run.

    Cars that fit Your "needs" cost about 500€ over here. 250€ If You're patient and work a bit for it.

  9. Found a golf from 2006 for 5000. At least that's more like it but still...
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    Cars are expensive because the car companies know that people will pay for status symbols. Don't get me wrong,...STi's are dope, but not worth the price new. $16k for a used STi is about half what they go for new which was $30k IIRC.

    For me I like to aim low. Get's me out of emissions. Cheap and easier to work on. Easier for converting to propane/electric/bio-diesel in the future.

    This is (one of) my dream car(s).


    EDIT: This is a Chevette. I don't know what they'd call it overseas,...it they were even available over there.
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  12. It's mighty ugly that's what it is. BTW found another golf for 1650 from 1997.
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    because they have to pay to ship your engine from china, your body from mexico and the rest of it from canada.

    (off topic)
    I giggle everytime I see those stickers "out of a job yet? keep buying foreign"
    Like their helping driving a beat up 90 caravan, made in mexico junker, I'm pretty sure the company already blew through the 5k they bought the car for.

    Buy a good POS for as cheap as you can, then toss the rest in the bank.
    Too many kids these days get in too much debt too early because they "need" a new car.
  14. You should buya bike. theres like, 12 dollars
  15. GregC

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    Jan 19, 2007
    + a million. That's like pricing a new Sadowsky for your first bass and complaining basses are really expensive.
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    13 shmirteen

    This cost me 30k

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    I love this subject becuase people still don't spend time actually thinking things out.

    First car does not have to equal a new car. Most people I know of who got a new car as a first car had it bought for them.

    If the cost of the car really is the issue, as many have already counseled... don't buy a car that costs more than you want to spend. No, it won't be a new Subie or McLaren but eventually the pain will subside:D

    Buy something that can get you from point A to B. I know that here in the states I can easily pick up a reliable, comfortable car with decent fuel economy for well under $5k. My son's first car was a 1999 Acura 3.0CL Coupe. He didn't want to pay a lot for his first car and understood that the monthly payment is not what determines how much your spending... it's the overall costs. So a new car wasn't a consideration for him. He bought it three years ago for under $7k. Leather, moonroof, alloys, steering wheel audio controls, V6. I guess he was paying attention to Dad.
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    Actually the inflation rate for June 2009 is -1.28%. Add into that the rebates a lot of car manufacturers are offering, and right now cars are relatively cheap.

    +1 though to going for a new car at 19. When I was that age, I was driving a 1968 AMC Rambler for which I paid $750. Drove it for four years. Just bought my first new car EVER this year, and I'm over 40. Time to be realistic, dude.
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    Whats the name of that thriler i need to watch it!

    Back on topic, im on the same boat you are, i have found that for my needs i can get a used opel astra 99-00 1.6 16v
    100HP for 2000€. Thats the cheapest yet reliable option, at least for me.

    You think that a car is expensive? wait until its time to change the admition belt and the water pump 600€, full set of tires 400€ and on and on. Put gas on it 50€ per deposit and expect to run out of gas every week or so until you realise the bus its very convenient.
  20. Flintlock


    Jul 3, 2007
    Screw the car, check out insurance prices. I got offered £4000 for a 1l once...