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Why are some second hand Sterlings and Stingrays sells above brand new ones?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by modulusbassist, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. I searched ebay and some people sell their Stingrays or Sterlings above a brand new ones? I can get brand new,pearl platinum for 1080 and some of the second hand sells for $900 or $1000, I'd rather spend the extra bucks to get a new one.
  2. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
    AZ mountains
    Hi mb,
    Depends on the instrument. If it is a dead mint Stingray, I'll spend $900 private party instead of over a grand plus tax on a bass in a store. Ernie Ball has great customer service, and even if you are a second owner, they will work with you if the bass is still under warranty. I realize that there are pros to going new, but I have bought private party basses that were much nicer than basses that have been hanging on a wall for 9 months and have had the crap slapped out of them by Fieldy wannabes. JMHO.
  3. rickreyn


    Jun 16, 2000
    Lutz, Florida
    You also have to factor in extras, such as pickguards, painted headstocks and piezos.
  4. Some that I saw is exactly like the one I wanted, and they are 900 and the other one is 1000, and a brand new one is 1080,

    I know Musician's Friend is over priced, their basic Sunburst with Rosewood is 1220 and I can get somewhere else, exactly the same for 1050, no tax, mail order only pay shipping. I don't get it.
  5. mb

    Were the MM older models?Pre EB? That is the only thing I can think of,that or they are just banking on people not shopping around/being aware of the going prices.:confused:

    Oh,btw.....where is the best online music shop to order from(IYO).You mentioned no shipping,etc. :D


  6. I'm pretty sure they are just banking on people.

    The best price so far is Elderly Instrument in Michigan.

    The EB Stingray, Sunburst, White Pearloid Pick Guard, Rosewood is 1050 plus shippin, still much cheaper than Musicians's Friend which is $1220 plus shipping.

    The other one that I like is the Pearl Platinum with matching headstock, black pearloid pick guard, for 1080 plus shipping.
  7. Like this one for example, $900, for another 150, I'll get a new one from Elderly Instrument:


    And this one, if I get a non piezo for 1050, does a piezo cost another $350, doesn't make sense:


    And this one, for $1200? I don't think blue dawn is a $200 option, and it's a second hand. Elderly also includes a hardshell case for $1050.


    And this 5 string for $1200? A brand new one is 1274 in Transparent gold finish


    Mmmm, kind of hard to explain, but here a good deal on a fiver, this guy knows what price to sell


    What do you, stingray owners, think? But there's some deals out there with no reserve met, but close to $900 I think the reserve for a 4 string, still too high
  8. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
    AZ mountains
    I think you are obsessing. It is a free market. Some things cost more in one place than another. Pick out the bass you want, pay the price you want to pay for it, and let us know what you ended up with.
  9. A little obessive, hehehe, luckily I didn't spend all my money on Christmas, just want to see my options and infom other talk bass members that there are other good deals out there so they'll get their money's worth. A little obsessive? Maybe.:D
  10. the used ones your referring to arent the Pre ernie ball stingrays/ sterlings, are they? because those sell for about the same/ more then a new stingray/sterling.
  11. Nope, none of the Stingrays/Sterlings are Pre Ernie Ball, all of them are Erni Ball, that's why I was wondering why.
  12. SockMonkey


    Oct 26, 2001
    Irvine, CA
    Stingrays/Sterlings have ridiculous resale value. i got mine brand new(trans teal, RW, 3 band EQ) for 900 dollars with OHSC. Its the best deal new or used ive ever seen on a Stingray, not to brag or anything:D , look around if you want one, GC had virtually the same bass for 1300, before i got mine. But to answer the post price=supply + demand, people love EB basses and if they dont know how to shop, then they pay these kind of prices. Here's a pic of my ray, just for fun.
  13. seems to be that the color has a big impact on the price
  14. Sockmonkey, knows what I'm talking about and that's a good ass deal, the best price I could get for a Sunburst, Rosewood, White Pearloid, 3 band Active EQ is $1050, which is much better than GC and Musician's Friend.

    If color has an impact, I wouldn't want to pay an extra $100 to $200 or even $300 for it.

    The peal platinum finish with a matching headstock at the place I was looking at, only adds $38 bucks to the $1050, so the pearl platinum with matching headstock color, Black Pearloid Pick Guard, Active 3 band EQ, OHSC only $1087, good ass deal, much cheaper than standard color at GC or Musician's Friend.
  15. Yes, the piezo bridge is a $350 option. So the price the person is asking is reasonable.

  16. hihopbassist,

    Ok, it's $350, it's reasonable you said? how come no one is bidding and jumping on it? Not so reasonable huh?:D
  17. So you think anything used should be selling for what? $100 maybe? Get real, yo. Certain options on anything kick up the value. That's why they're called options. Besides, why you dissin what some other cat be doin? You got yours for the cheese you wanted to lay down. That's what's up.

    As far as not selling, the axe only be there a couple of days. Maybe somebody buys, maybe they don't. Maybe the person drops the price a little. Or maybe the person don't care what peeps like you be thinkin, cause you ain't buyin it no how.

  18. I just got a quote from Elderly for a 5 string Music Man with Piezo for $1200.00, if you don't believe me, you can go to their website


    and request a quote, and you'll get $1209. So hip hop bassist, you paid too much for yours, you could have gotten a five for $200 less!!!!

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