Why are the good ones always crazy?

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  1. Well, we have a bit of a problem with our singer. He is a great singer and a brilliant songwriter, he has an awesome talent of singing straight off the top of his head and singing awesome lyrics.... but he has some psychopathic tendancies. Last night the band all went out drinking, I dropped him off at his place (which is also where our studio is with all of our expensive equipment), all seemed normal but this morning when I showed up at rehearsal the studio was completely trashed. I cant explain in words the extent of the devastation to that room, but for no reason he saw fit to completely trash the room, knocking over our huge speaker wall, knocking out antique organ over, setting fire to parts of the carpet, burning the posters on the wall, smashing bottles of alcohol everywhere... it just looked like a tornado had hit it. Luckily none of th equipment was seriously damaged.
    He's a very cool guy most of the time, but he is a bit of a timebomb. What would you guys do in this position? We arent going to dump him because he is a great lyricist and singer, and hey, many of the music greats had this type of tendency, maybe we have a bit of Jim Morrison in the band.
    It seems like the talented ones are always insane!
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    Apr 28, 2000
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    I would drop him like a used Kleenex.

    Every real nut that I've ever had to deal with, both in a band and social setting, I've ended up wishing that I had RAN before it was over.

    Keep in mind that a true psychopath is subject to go off at any time and it may not just be equipment that he takes his frustration out on next time.

    The violence that he displayed will show it's ugly head again eventually and it could happen on stage. After it happens, it's too late.

    There are way too many good singers out there to have to deal with a time bomb.

    He apparently trashed the studio and got away with it. Next time it may be an audience member that he decides to trash.

    You have a dangerous situation. Deal with it carefully. Good luck.

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    Jul 11, 2001
    I agree. you should drop him... Next time it could be some audience member. or worse YOUR BASS!!!!
    yeah this dude has to go.. or at least some help

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    You probably won't be that lucky next time...
  5. I'll think about some of your suggestions... thanks guys. Maybe we could demote him to just songwriter or something and ban him from the studio. Either way that was his last and final chance. Im lucky I didnt leave my bass there as I often do. No, make that he's lucky, because if there was so much as a scratch I would have murdered him!
    He did that on his own, so god knows what he might do on stage. So far he's been ok when we've played gigs but there have been some after gig incidents. Like two months ago he locked himself into a room at a hotel with some knives threatening to kill himself, we had to get some other keys off the hotel manager to get in there.
    It really is a shame, because his lurics are great, very deep and poetic, which suits the band.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    I say keep him in the band. Just get him to stop drinking if you can, and if he doesnt, "drop he ass"
  7. Put him in a stright jacket between practices, and put padding up in his room.

    Wait a second i just thought of something, He sings, he doens't need his arms. Keep him in the stright jacket all the time. That would be insane, for gigs you would have to wheel you singer up on one of the dolly things, with a cage over his mouth.
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    Talk to him. Find out if he is ok. Maybe it could've been prevented if he could vent some of his pent up anger/depression out by talking one to one. Rather than letting alcohol do it.

    Find out if everything is cool at home, with girlfriend etc.

    I know my singer needed it.


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    Nov 13, 2000
    tampere, finland
    Oh yes. My funk-rock bands former guitarist was the best guitar player on this side of the moon, and a great guy as well. Later he got mentally very ill. He was totally wasted on psychic drugs, cut his guitar in half with a electric saw etc...

    Zombie. :(

  10. Thanks guys. We are going to keep him in the band, it wouldnt be fair to kick him out because he has contributed as much to the band, financially and artistically, as the rest of us, and he is a good writer and singer, and most of the time he is a good guy, and I know he wouldnt be violent towards others (just to himself and his surroundings :( .
    Merls, the Drummer is the most grounded person in the group so we'll get him to have a talk to the singer. Might help him. But I dont think there is anything specifically upsetting him, I think it is just the type of person he is, think he has an erratic split personality, and drinking seems to be the trigger.
    Anyway, we just finished rebuilding the studio and its business as usual.
    Who knows, we might get famous, and in twenty years they are going to need something to write about in the biographies :)
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    Jun 15, 2001
    I need that too but I dont have any friends. :(
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    Mar 18, 2001
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    our singer is prolly the most talented singer...but he is kinda skrewed up....reminds me of maynard james keenan....he sings as good and as dark and mysterious. he would be talkin all philosophically and he would draw the most disturbing pictures and what not...i think he is an alien..lol
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    Jul 5, 2001
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    Simple solution: keep the singer but move the studio. Actually that's probably not that simple, is it? Eh well, you get my meaning, he sounds like a cool guy just try and limit his time alone with your equipment, e.g invite him to crash round your house.

    P.S I'll be your friend lo-end
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    Jun 17, 2000
    Woking, Surrey.
    He really needs professional help, all problems like these rarely go away on their own.You need to keep an eye on him especially if he has shown suicidal tendancies, try to get him to see for himself that he has a problem and try to get him to see a doctor and get recommended for help.
  15. Thanks for all your advice guys. I'll let you know if anything else happens.