Why aren't there more "kickback" and "wedge" style cabs?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by superheavyfunk, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. My head stability is less affected since I quit drinking. Come to think of it so is my wood. Hummmm. TMI? Ok, I quit.
    I'm in a loud rock band and we always bring a sound guy with us to every gig. The sizes of the stages we play on range from medium to "shoulder-to-shoulder". There have been many times when my sound guy had to take me out of the mix because my stage volume is too loud. This is a compound problem because I normally can't hear myself really well seeing as how my 4x10 or 2x12 is hitting me in the knees. On top of that, the stages aren't normally big enough for me to move my cab back far enough for the sound to hit my ear. I realized that I didn't need stage amplification so much as I needed stage monitoring. I began looking around at floor monitor wedges to shoot the sound to my face and many of them simply don't have the numbers to support me hearing myself before they dump out. I've tried some of the wedge-back products to place under the front of the cab but with stage sq footage at a premium, additional floor space for the bass head is often not available, or I'd have to place the head behind the tilted cab where I'd have no access to the front panel.

    So I went the cheap and easy route with this portable workbench:
    Husky X-Horse 2.5 ft. Workbench-229694 - The Home Depot

    It's rated at 700 pounds and weighs about 7lbs. I got it on sale for $26.00 and it will project the sound from my cab right into the back of my head and upper middle of my back. At one venue I have to place it almost directly beside me where it kinda hits me right in the face and further projects to the singer and guitarist.

    Is my "stage sound" great?? No. I sound OK for the most part. Does it sound decoupled? Yup, no doubt and that's fine too because I'm not intentionally projecting to the crowd. Most folks in front of the PA won't even hear it which makes the sound guy very happy and makes me sound better in the long run.
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